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    I just recently got a Palm Pre and Its justamazing.
    Lately I've been experiencing some weird problem with the Pre.
    When I try to recharge it it works fine and all but the
    problem starts when I unplug the charger from the Pre.
    Within seconds the Pre screen locks down. I mean literally!
    I would had been happy if all I had to do was slide my finger up the screen to unlock it but that doesn't even work.

    Has anyone experienced this? Its driving me nuts.
    I cannot use it if its not connected to the power cord charging.
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    I just finished talking to the Sprint Tech and he told me to just go to the store.
    Its weird man. I read on the web of a few people who have had issues with the screen becoming unresponsive. They better fix my Pre tomorrow or theere will be hell to pay.
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    The screen on my pre began freezing last night and is now exhibiting the same behavior described here. I was driving home from work this evening when all of a sudden nothing works anymore. After fumbling about for a bit at home I notice that the only screen works when the usb cable is plugged in to the phone, but the other end doesn't need to be in a plugged into a computer or the charging adapter.

    I've tried just about everything besides resetting the phone. I backed up all my data and was about to run webOS doctor when I came across this post. I see that it is a little old, but I was curious as to how Sprint resolved your issue.

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    My old Pre used to reset itself or lock up when taken of the Touchstone.
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    Its only gotten worse now, plugging the cable in only works every now and then. Also, the keyboard has become unresponsive at times as well... off to the store to get it replaced I guess
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    Which chord? Cm7? Dmaj?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Xyg View Post
    Which chord? Cm7? Dmaj?
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    take it back and replace it. That's exactly what happened to mine after about 5 days it just stopped responding, eventually it will stop altogether.

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