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    Today and yesterday while I am sitting at my desk at work @ 5:30 am, I look over to see that my Pre is in the middle of a reboot. The phone is not charging and was not touched for at least 10 mins prior to me noticing the reboot both days.

    Any ideas? This is the only time this has happened. I don't have any other problems with the phone.
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    Happened to me last night. I noticed the battery was running hot all day, don't know if this was the cause. Also I had just done a reboot about 10 mins prior (to try to help out w/the hot battery).
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    mine has done this 2-3 times in the last few days.

    prior to 1.1 i have never had that problem. not sure if its related (assuming it is)

    not happening when i set it down or anything, just sitting there. once was right when i set it down, antoher time was it just sitting there.
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    This happened to me yesterday as well. I just happened to look over and my phone was in the middle of a reboot.
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    since the update mine rebooted soon as i took it off the charger sunday morning, and have not done it since... i was having the loose battery issue, and (knock on wood) that has not happened since thursday as far as i have noticed
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    BTW, mine never did this prior to 1.1.
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    Mine has done this as well. Just this morning I caught it in the middle of a reboot. Though I have noticed that this happened before the 1.1 update.
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    Mine has done the same thing. Left it on the Touchstone overnight to charge and when I woke up yesterday morning I saw my Pre in a rebooting loop. This morning my Pre locked up so bad I had to pull the battery. This never happened to me prior to 1.1. Palm please fix these issues!
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    Happened once to me while net browsing...
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    Mine is doing this as well.
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    wow this seems like a widespread issue!
    I haven't experienced it yet, possibly because I installed the Sedio extended battery?
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    My phone did this as well.
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    Not yet, thank God.
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    Happened to me too after 1.1 and when it was done rebooting itself, which took longer than normal, I had to reset it again myself because the launcher pages would get stuck between pages and the icons were not responding. That same day I had a huge random battery drop for no reason... Ever since then my battery life has not been as good and it even charges up slower. Wack!
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    I had this happen Sunday. Go pickup my pre and it's in a bootup sequence. Hasn't happened since then.
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    Mine has done this... Prior to the latest update and not once since...
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    I reboot mine every couple of days just to clear out the memory.
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    Same here I Reboot mine eveery noght before I throw it on the stone to charge!
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    Luckily I haven't had this happen yet.
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    I had this happen to me several times. On several occasions, while my phone has been in my pocket and also while in the palm of my hands. Unfortunately, I could not deal with this issue so I took it back and received a replacement. My problem happened before the 1.1 update, so I don't think it's update related and instead, just another defect of the phone. lol.
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