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    I remain baffled.
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    Cool, +1 for Ulrich Schnauss
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    The only thing I got from that commercial is that she's "crazy" and somehow the Pre "knows" it.

    I guess I just don't "get it". I think that's supposed to be some vague reference to Synergy's usefulness, but in my opinion it's too vague and makes Tamara look psycho.
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    I've found all the Palm ads so far to be filled with fail. Sprint's ads have gotten better which is a plus for them.
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    She's crazy is the only thing I got from the commercial.
    Are you trying to hurt me?
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    Ummm. She said the word phone, so at least people know its a phone she's talking about now. She scares me...
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    nothing sells a phone like an insane person that has not seen the sun in 10 years.
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    I think both palm and sprint fail at advertising the Pre. Palm is much worse though but at least this makes them consistent.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cardfan View Post
    I think both palm and sprint fail at advertising the Pre. Palm is much worse though but at least this makes them consistent.
    Haha! Consistently bad is still bad.
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    Somebody please tell Palm to stop shooting them self in the foot...!!!

    Seriously, I LOVE my Pre. I would not want any phone more than this one right now, but these commercials are embarrassing! The Sprint commercials however, are excellent IMHO.
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    I like the new Sprint commercials a lot, but this Palm commercial is just freaky to me.

    As someone above said maybe I just "don't get it"
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    these adds are so bad they are good.. they are getting national air time b/c they are so bad.
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    Alien technology!
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    Quote Originally Posted by leke View Post
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    my pre cannot read my mind...
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    I would understand the look if this were an Android product but I really don't see what Palm is trying to do with these commercials. I think they should be for an anti-psychotic instead of a phone!
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    I really really do not like these adds, they are the kind of adds which, if I did not already have and had wanted the pre, make me less likely to buy one.

    terrible, just terrible.

    did the same add agency come up with this that came up with the now network adds?

    I mean those I like, this palm stuff Blah

    sure it must be targeted at some audience, but at least from where I am standing its not the 25-35 year old gadget loving male professional.

    my phone can read my mind, what the hell is that?!
    There are four lights.
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    My phone tells me to do things...bad things...dirty bad things...
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