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    As I said in the comments of the frontpage of the site, this serie of ads follows the target of creating brand image, or better, redefine the brand image. They're not selling the phone. They let this to Sprint.

    Lets see , and compare with the Palm Ads. But don't follow the exact message of the ads, but the things you feel when you're viewing it. How is the image, what it looks like, and how is the voice of the girl, or her look. It's easier to understand with the sample, but this ads follow the same idea, but in a different market, less emotional than automotive market.

    The main message of spot is simplicity, naturalness, peace, no stress. thinks working because it's supposed to. They are selling Palm products, being human friendly, yourself friendly. We are seeing a sweet, calmful scenery, out of your city (no city=relax) without buildings, cars, roads (buildings, cars, trains, roads, etc= work, your workdays). The only thing there is you and your Palm Pre phone (=harmony).

    The Palm phone can connect you, help you, anticipate your thoughts. The Palm phone works the way you think it should work. The Palm phone makes things as you expected. The Palm phone knows you, the Palm phone is part of you.

    It's a good ad, very good for creating brand in a difficult market as phone market.
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    What would be funny (at least to me) is if the camera began to pull back so we could see she was in a padded cell, maybe even with straight jacket.
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    Its been said that no publicity is bad as long as they spell your name right.

    "Palm Pre" - check.
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    These commercials just don't speak to me
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