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    So my pre has never been overtly hot before. Even while charging its fine. But today i had a few cards opened and noticed the pre was really really hot (and i wasnt even using it - besides the cards). I reboot it and turned it back on.

    No cards opened and it was still boiling, didnt cool down. I turned it back off.

    2 hours later, its cool so I turn it back on. It gets hot really fast. I take off the back cover and notice its not the battery thats warm. Its not the screen. But its whats below the battery and behind the keyboard (guessing the main frame?).

    Anyone know how to fix this or make it stop?
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    Have you changed your settings or added any new apps lately?
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    I'm not the OP, but 1.1 comes to mind for recent changes.

    It's hard to tell if it's just an error with my perception, but today I was also experiencing overheating that didn't seem familiar to me.
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    GPS causes excessive overheating. Did you run GPS?
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    Hmm I have always had GPS on but no apps using it. Even with 1.1 it wasn't doing this till just yesterday. The only true change i have noticed is that my gmail email account isnt syncing anymore so i deleted it and then recreated it. It took it about 10 minutes to remove it and then about 3 to recreate. Think this could be it?
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    Let me turn gps off, and test it out. Kinda scared to even turn my Pre on anymore. It was REALLY hot.
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    Something in your gmail could have been corrupted. But if it's been hot since the change, that's probably not it. I don't think its GPS either but it won't hurt to try turning that off too. If you downloaded any homebrews you may want to delete them one by one to see if that helps. I suppose its possible that swiping the card away isn't stopping the program.
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    Im thinking it was the email. I just rebooted and now it seems to be fine. Also when it came up the email app showed i had 13 new emails from throughout the day when just an hour ago the email app didnt who i had any new emails. I guess that i'll go through all my emails and and remove alot of them or change the settings to have it check less frequently than "when it arrives".

    Thanks for the advice ppl. Great help. Pre is working nice and cool again
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    Doesn't appear to be an issue in this case, but Pandora (when paused) causes this issue for me.

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