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    I never thought I'd ever post a question like this but I'm gonna have to.

    My wife's Pre seems to be going nuts or something.

    She has no sound on phonecalls coming in. When setting a ringtone I hear absolutely nothing. The speaker isn't broken because I do hear sound with Pandora or playing a video.

    Note that ringtones are ON, volume is maxed. It just won't let me hear any ringtones, not even when previewing.

    Her calendar is full of events but notifications simply stopped coming.

    I have absolutely no idea what's going on with this phone. Should we take it back for replacement or am I somehow missing something really obvious here?

    Thanks for any help guys!

    Marco (mildly ashamed)
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    I'm assuming that you have popped the battery out and reinserted to see if that nicks the problem? If you haven't -- then do and let us know whether or not that helped.
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    Also, try plugging then unplugging a headphone.

    Or see if it has sound in a headphone.
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    Play music on your phone with headphone inside the jack. Remove the headphone plug from the jack and see if the music stops. If it doesn't then re-insert it and remove it once more. Keep doing this until the music stops. Then try a call.

    What is happening is that your phone believes that a headset is still plugged in, even though it's not. Once it get's that there isn't anything in there then, the internal speaker and mic work.
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    the silent switch isn't turned on at the top right?
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    i was JUST about to say that, it may be a stupid answer, but the silent switch on the top of the phone might be turned off.
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    Headphone trick did it. Thanks guys!
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    When you have the dialer open, what does the icon (1st lower left button on dialer) look like for speaker/bluetooth etc? Does it have a set of headphones on it?

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