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    While I've seen a lot of Pre / iPhone comparisons, I hadn't seen too many comparisons of the Pre to the old Treo line.... Check my analysis here:

    Palm Pre vs. Treo 700p with SERO Plan

    Let me know what you think! (especially you former/current Treo users).
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    No contest. New technology

    Possibly on a hardware build issue Other than that even storage.. PRE wins
    Treo couldn't even recognize SD cards above 4 Gs.
    I have been a Palm user since the 1st Gen. Palm Professional

    The only thing I miss is the option to have a track pad, also being bale to write graffiti was nice but I much rather not having to worry about a stylus.

    I lied the track pad w/center select option it would be nice when navigating to write in text ect.. other than that my old apps are just That OLD APPS,

    I am open minded with new technology I embrace it, & am confident in Palm's success & ability to build upon their already great legacy and history.
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    I had a 700p (on Verizon) for a couple of years. While I loved it, there's really no comparison at all. The Pre just blows it away.

    Two things not mentioned are...

    OB stability - The 700p's PalmOS would crash when pushed too hard; especially if you tried to multi-task. My WebOS has been rock-solid since I got it.

    OS updates - My 700p had a grand-total of ONE OS update during the two years I had it...and that single update was completely and utterly bungled by Palm/Verizon. It was going to be released...then not...then going to be released...then not...then it was released...and they realized after a week that the update was crashing many they pulled the update and helped everyone get back to the original OS...then we waited again...then they released it again (with the SAME version number only with a "_" added to the version name). Even after all of that, the OS update only fixed SOME of the bugs that had been present since day 1; and introduced a few new ones.

    As we all know, WebOS has had 4 updates in about 6 weeks. Progress is a good thing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by deviousrlm View Post
    While I've seen a lot of Pre / iPhone comparisons, I hadn't seen too many comparisons of the Pre to the old Treo line.... Check my analysis here:

    Palm Pre vs. Treo 700p with SERO Plan

    Let me know what you think! (especially you former/current Treo users).
    I have been using Treos for about 4 years and Palm pda's since the original Pilot in the mid 90's.

    I agree that webOS has tremendous potential and no doubt will mature into the platform to beat. That said, I found all the PIM apps to be weak at best. There is unfortunately no comparison in functionality between the Treo line and the Pre. Treos beat the Pre in the PIM area hands down. We need some serious 3rd party apps to pick up the slack.
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    Pretty good comparison article. Ive been using Treo's since the Treo 300 "Tricorder" and just dumped my 755p for the Pre. Blows the Treos out of the water, no doubt. Besides the super slick OS, I would say the big differences for me to get used to is the top row of the Pre keyboard- I tend to bump it when typing. The easy set up for push email for virtually any email is awesome. Huge upgrade in the screen on the Pre. I couldnt stand the grainy, blocky graphics and mini web sites anymore on the 755p. Plus the 755p OS was just SLOW. It would take a few seconds between page changes and take several seconds to hang up the phone- That drove me crazy! The one thing I really miss, and its probably just a learning curve, is the 5-way switch on the Treo. That was fast and easy, and I have to stop and think on how to move the curser around on the Pre.
    I bought the Pre 3-4 days ago with the intent to return in if I wasnt completely sold on it. There is no way I could go back to my 755p at this point.
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    reasons why I cannot upgrade from 700p...yet...and why after 700p dies Treo Pro is only option

    RSA Securid app(essential for my work)

    Infrared support(also essential, although vendor now has infrared keyfobs that will work through bluetooth)

    Syncml client(we are non microsoft at work and sync calendar,contacts,tasks, notes through syncml, not exchange) We use the synthesis client on Treo. Yes, it appears that the palm profile uses syncml but it is hardcoded and locked down to their server only. Frankly, that or sending everything through google is not an option for us.

    No removable storage, we image 4gb SD cards for field loads. It is much too much data for OTA access and in some places there is no coverage for OTA access anyway.

    No native or third party jabber support. they support google talk but not your own jabber server, which is stupid. We run our own and as I said before, we will not run everything we do for our business through the google. We use chatopus on treo currently

    Also, from what I have seen on the webos videos and specs, the PIM suite is nowhere near as good as the palmos PIM suite. Fancier and prettier yes, but less functional.

    I would still love to have a Pre as a fun toy, but it is not a work phone yet unless you have sold your soul to either google or microsoft.
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    I was pretty happy with my 700P. I never upgraded the OS and had very few problems until near the end, when it frequently rebooted spontaneously. But I was more than ready for the Pre, but couldn't get it until last week when the ESA security updates were added. I've used it now for 4 or 5 days. I love the Pre, very solid so far. There are things I miss, though. The main one is Chatter and control of notifications. I could tell by a blinking light which email account had a message waiting, and could set the number of vibrations for different accounts. Volume controls were more robust. The pad allowed easier transport when editing than using my finger to move the curson. Finally, although the form factor makes it much easier to keep in my pocket, the sliders are a problem for things like waterproof cases (which I need quite a bit). The sliders make the device feel less solid than the single piece Treos. All told, however, the browser alone was worth the switch. I'm expecting a lot from future apps, though. The lack of them now limits the utility of the phone quite a bit.
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    I had the 700P with sprint and there were just so many apps that made it enjoyable.

    1. Slingplayer
    2. Sprint Mobile Email (somewhat push email)
    3. TCPMP (played virtually any video)
    4. Palm VNC
    5. Volume care
    And the list goes on...

    I suppose we will have to wait for the Pre to mature...
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    The apps I miss The following apps from my Treo;

    Passwords Plus
    Treo Calculator can be toggled to advanced Conversion Calc. I used it all the Time.
    World Time Clock

    I miss the following features of built in Apps..

    In contacts or notes or anything for that matter there was a privacy setting where you could mark a note/ task, contact as private which would either Mask the record or Hide it, & require a password to display it. This was a VERY useful security feature, WHY WOULDN'T PRE include this?
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    if I could have a 700p or 755p with higher res screen, wifi and teal OS, that would be better than a Pre for me
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    Just a few updates for your comparison:

    1) YouTube - Although no dedicated app for 700p, you CAN watch YouTube videos with the embedded Kinoma software.

    2) RSS Podcasting - This is available for the Pre. Check out PrePod
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    Battery life seems to be very different for people-- my Pre is actually better than my Treo, despite seeing a lot more use during the day. I still need to stick them both on the charger at the end of the day, though.
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    Thanks for all the comments! Also thanks for the PrePod link--it's those types of apps that will make the Pre back up-to-par functionality-wise with the 700p.

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