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    Hey there everybody just wanted to know if there is a problem or if there will be any problems down the line if my pre has some dead pixels. You see the thing is I exchanged my launch day pre today and they gave me a new one because of a messed up speaker. The new one is pretty sweet except that I noticed a couple of dead pixels. I don't really notice them except for when I reset, you know, the palm logo. Thanks in advance.
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    As long as you do not notice any dead pixels when the phone is on or in use you should be fine. However, as far as future probs.... its anyone's guess. Some may say yes others will say no. If you have insurance I say keep it and then if it goes bad then return it.
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    notice there is a difference between 'dead' and 'stuck' pixels

    if yours are stuck white or yellow, i would recommend searching youtube for the fix a stuck pixel video.

    its been posted here before. You may need to give it a few plays, but it works quite well.
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    Even if you have a couple that are dead, it's probably NOT indicative of problems to come.

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