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    I love taking pictures and seeing what others take so please post your best pictures taken with (not "of" =) your Palm Pre so far.

    I'll start with one that I just took yesterday. I also just started a posterous blog dedicated to pictures taken with the palm pre and will be looking to feature pictures that I like. So please share! Looking forward to see your pictures.

    UPDATE: There seems to be some confusion with people posting pictures for the Pre (for wallpaper etc). This is not the purpose of this thread, I am looking for pictures taken WITH the Pre.

    In other news, I just found out that this picture below apparently has made Flickr Explore. I wonder if it's the first Pre pic to do so =)

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    I kind of like this one.
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    Here are a few I took on our trip to San Francisco last month.
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    I thought this one was pretty cool.
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    Excellent shots! Keep em coming...
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    Taken at the John G. Shedd Aquarium in Chicago.
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    One from The Outer Banks in North Carolina and the other is the Brooklyn Bridge.
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    The pre takes some of the best pics I've ever seen!
  9. geridh
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    Taken yesterday. Port Arnsas fishing
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    Sunset in Seattle, WA
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    Huntington Beach, CA
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    I love the camera on the pre.


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    This is my favorite so far. Was not expecting to see this on my way home from work
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mpre View Post
    Huntington Beach, CA
    how''d you do pan?!
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    Could this thread be merged to this one:

    Show your Pre Pics here

    Couple in Princeville, Kauai at Sunset

    Sunset from Princeville, Kauai

    Kite Surfer

    Hideaways Beach Kauai
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    @elder_shawn I guess it could but I was thinking of a thread that showcases only the best shots rather than all.
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    Some really nice sunset shots from everyone! Is anyone else bothering to post-process with Photoshop/some other tool?

    Unfortunately, the camera is a little limited IMO and makes for some muddy colors. So I'm choosing to process more than usual. I am hoping that camera based apps for the Pre will start showing up soon.

    Here's a good one that I found on Flickr from libraryman

    Mobile photoblog
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    @Mpre I assume that picture is stitched?

    BTW you are my first pick to feature. Great shot!
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    I took this one in my car on the highway just pointing the camera out the window...
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    Here's a few of the good ones. Nowhere near the quality of the rest of you folks!
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