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    Starbucks FTW!

    OOOO NOOOO HP DV6000 looks like or a DV4000 only a matter of time before your mobo dies
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    this was a photo I took during what The Weather Channel called a "Significant Weather Advisory." It very shortly after started pouring rain.
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    Jauderho, That photo of the pier is wonderful.

    And it is good to find someone else on posterous. I have posted a number of photos and videos from my Pre + on my posterous blog, ImPoster

    ImPoster - I am feeling impish, and Pre.Posterous was taken, so I have become the ImPoster and have subscribed to yours.

    Additional comment: Wow, I didn't realize posting the address of the blog here would import the Title of my blog and the tag line.

    Learn something every day.
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    Combining two of my favorite things: my Pre and cars.

    Specifically, this is from a Porsche VIP event at Monterey, CA, introducing their new 918 Spyder to North America.
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    I am constantly being surprised by the camera in my Pre +. Today in the rain I took a photo of a lone magnolia that appeared months after the tree bloomed this spring. Of course, I knew that the wide angle lens would make it very hard to see.

    Then I decided to play with the Photo Effects Plus, app I downloaded some time ago. All I did was crop this photo and crop again.

    PRE_2010-09-02-103645_C92 by modemjunkie, on Flickr

    PRE_2010-09-02-103645_C335_C293 by modemjunkie, on Flickr
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