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    You know what I'm finding with this phone, is taking pictures with a normally-portrait orientation is changing my entire mode of composition. I've been thinking landscape for so long.. media is really geared towards landscape nowadays, with widescreen movies, and your typical camera frame.

    It's refreshing thinking in portrait terms, I'm looking for different emphasis in a vertical viewfinder. I know, you can always just turn the phone sideways. But I tend to be favoring portrait aspect for some reason.
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    Here are some good pictures I have taken.
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    Quote Originally Posted by r-nice View Post
    Is it me or will none of the pictures load after you click on them?
    I think that's you because I can see them fine when I click on them...
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    here are some I love!
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    Here's a recent one, have others of Chicago, but am too lazy to get to them at the moment.
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    these pics are amazing!!

    When I try to be arty my pics never come out anywhere near aswell as the ones here.

    I guess you've either got it or you aint. lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by jack.shiot View Post
    Here's one I took a little while back... located in SoCal.. Westlake Village, CA.

    On a side note, has anyone figured out how to removed the dust particles from inside the lens housing? Seems like it's impossible to get out, thus adding some unexpected slightly blurry areas...
    kinda a late response hopefully you see it. try a q-tip, slightly moistened if it's real bad. always worked for me for getting stuff outta the lense

    edit: also works well for the speaker on the back (even though you can't see it w/ the back cover on... still can get very dusty and grimy looking when you see it with the cover off)
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    It's a messy desk, but it's the only picture I've taken with my Pre Plus. My Black Cherry Stout.
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    Couple shots from a recent game.
    Not a bad "always got it with me" camera/video device.
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    pics i have taken with my pre that even impress me. these are the ones i show people and say 'i took this with my PHONE"
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    A picture from a mountain hike
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    From this winter in UK.
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    Here's a recent one in downtown Chicago. The Trump tower. It really is a great looking building.
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    some of the pics are amazing! i'm stealing them lol
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    picture taken in west texas at 70mph. not bad eh?
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    Another sky shot...
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    Picture: Dumbarton Bridge - San Francisco Bay Area
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    Here is my latest favorite of mine

    Sand Harbor Lake Tahoe by nmhansen, on Flickr

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