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    ok this wasn't doctored. I was taking a dump in bob evans and was like seriously... are you freakin serious.. i want to file a law suit against this company for false advertising. lol
    That's hilarious, hope you realized that before your dump...
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    Pics of snow and ice in Boston...what else?
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    I generally use my Canon 780, as it's about the same size as my Pre, and obviously a much better camera. But sometimes I find myself without it and the Pre usually comes through pretty well, assuming the light is good! Here are a couple of decent ones from a trip to Seattle.

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    I would have liked to contribute but my post count isnt hi enough
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    Patriots game vs the Jets at Gilette Stadium....boy did the Pats win big that day.

    (our seats were pretty good too )
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    Another one from Seattle.
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    I spy a thunderstorm. this pic was actually shane's a while back. Just had to say it looks awesome
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    B-17 Yankee Lady, Selfridge ANG, summer 2009
    faux-stained glass window
    still life of puddle & sky
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    Today, in Valencia, Spain. The harbor, where the America's Cup and the F1 Street Circuit happens.
    First picture: I think it's the biggest private yacht there is.
    Second picture: The harbor with the Alinghi on the right.
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    Something I'm noticing is that ALLOT of people here have the enhanced camera naming patch installed!! GO Preware!
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    damn i knew we had a good camera and ive taken a few good ones.. but i gotta say jeez this camera is awesome in the right lighting.. some of these pics are amazing
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    Going 35mph

    First day with pre, was not near an outlet, pre was drained downed to 4% had to go spend 35 for a car charger.

    None are amazing but I have not had time to actually go out and take some good pictures as I ave only had the phone for less then a week.
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    Here are some of my best.

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    just some more pics...
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    Couple Pics from this winter
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    blue mountain in canada
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    This was taken at the front gate of Monticello, the Historic Home of Thomas Jefferson. My Pre was facing Montalto (means high mountain in Italian) and overlooking the days sunset. It was a beautiful afternoon and my Pre's camera caught the color of the clouds perfectly. If you would like more pictures like this one, I have plenty. I work for the Thomas Jefferson Foundation.
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    I wasn't aware of how well the pictures the Pre took came out. I'm going to have to use my Pre camera more.
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    Nice pics all!

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