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    Nice pics eternal 85!
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    Sorry, forgot one ... last one from Battery Park in NY

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    my 4 favorite photos i've taken with my pre.

    alvarado train station in albuquerque, nm (the pre's camera really seems to darken nearly anything that isn't in perfect light...)

    raleigh-durham international airport's new terminal


    a swimming pool in burlington, nc
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    it is the largest octopus ever recorded.
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    Lambeau Field
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    I snapped this one of my buddy last week.
    "In the field of observation, chance favors only the prepared mind." - Louis Pasteur

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    Typical day (hey how'd that windows t42 get there 0o)

    and some good lunch
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    My pre pics!
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    Lot's of great pics in here! Here is one of mine that is more funny than anything but, decent for a night shot.
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    I had posted in a similar thread here before:

    Palm Pre- and BB Tour owner/hater
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    a few random ive taken since i got my pre
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    New Mexico, Red River area..

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    Taken in Amsterdam
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    Hey guys, just a couple goofy pics of my cat, Knuckles!
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    just wna say- awesome thread
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    great to see people still posting on this thread! i've been away for a bit but will go through the thread once i get a chance. until then, i'm mostly posting over at my moblog (link below)
    Mobile photoblog
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    27th December 2k9
    Genova Pegli Port, italy.

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    this was a crazy one... on the other side of the street it was sunny but on the other side it was like a hurricane coming.
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    ok this wasn't doctored. I was taking a dump in bob evans and was like seriously... are you freakin serious.. i want to file a law suit against this company for false advertising. lol
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    These are all pics from around pittsburgh.
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