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    Took the Pre out skiing today.
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    great pic, andreas

    came back last week
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    I was nearly killed by this territorial BEAST!

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    my first post.. and the first picture I ever took with my pre
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    Willamette river this crisp morning.
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    Sedona, AZ
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    First one is the old flour mill on Mill Ave in Tempe, AZ... taken before the Veterans Day Parade this year.

    Second one is a shot of Mount Humphreys (San Fransisco Peaks), in Flagstaff, AZ over new years from the balcony of our time share.

    Last one is a shot of my daughter on Halloween last year... my wife took that shot.
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    Starbucks FTW!

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    I like this one
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    Is it possible to put a Voting option next to the pictures so that the "best" ones can be pointed out with ease?

    Just a thought! I dont want it to become a competition... however a competition will only make the pictures here better? lol
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    The Pre camera is fantastic!
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    Quote Originally Posted by arnao05 View Post
    my first post.. and the first picture I ever took with my pre
    very nice picture of the WWII memorial.
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    Here are a few shots..

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    Lego land In Disney World
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    I've got a great one, but the board won't let me post a photo until I've made another 10 posts. Why is that?
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    Wow, some really stunning shots here. Here are a few I really like.
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    Sunrise over the Atlantic Ocean (Ft. Lauderdale, FL)
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    On a Hike in southern cali
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    Quote Originally Posted by makokiller View Post
    nice catch
    Nice Pic
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