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    I tried searching for this but couldn't find an answer. I just got the Pre Saturday and I came from a 8330 Curve. I loved the curve but wanted to try something else and got the Pre. So far I am really really liking it. What I would like to know is when browsing forums on the pre, when i click on the symbol to "go to first new post" it doesn't jump to the newest post. I used Opera Mini on my BB and browsing message boards was really fast and easy, being that it would jump to the first unread post. Am I doing something wrong, or is the pre browser not capable of doing this? I find the browser to be fantastic with pretty much everything else. Thanks
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    Nope, that's 1 down side I see also. Luckily the Pre is fast enough that scrolling down is quick. But I'd sure like to jump to first new after working hard to successfully hit that tiny icon.

    Also a few other little things, but like Google Chrome, they may come some day, like Java (I'd sure like to have that for active quotes on eTrade. Yes, I trade with my Pre. )
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    I hope (and I think) the Opera Browser will come to the Pre.
    Opera May Develop Browser For Palm Pre's WebOS - News and Analysis by PC Magazine

    Otherwise, I don't know the solution to your problem. Sorry =/

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