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    I'm having some pretty weird issues with Google Voice and my Palm Pre. Whenever I dial my Gvoice number and it asks me to enter in my pin number it never recognizes the numbers I enter. I have to usually call back at least 3 to 4 times just to get it to recognise the DTMF tones I'm typing either on the touchscreen or the keyboard. It doesn't seem to matter whether I change the setting to Short or Long DTMF tones it still wont even let me log in. And if i do get in and try to dial a number like (123)456-7890 it usually says " The number you have dialed 13790 is not a valid number... It seems to miss half the numbers I'm typing!!!

    Anyone else with google voice or any phone number with a touch tone menu having problems on the pre?
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    Update... I restarted the phone and now it works fine, However if i call Google voice more than 2 to 3 times it will start to not recognize the numbers I enter in. I then restart and it starts to recognize again... hmm
    <I accidentally the whole pre>

    <Palm Pre Speed Test>

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    I constantly use Google Voice. Before the voice dialer app I went to the mobile web-site. I haven't had any problems getting messages.

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