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    I have the email and txt msg alert notification sounds from the iPhone if anyone is interested. I use the email notification on my Pre. it is a very subtle yet clear ping sound that I find to be superior to the Pre's default sound. You will need My Notifications or Pimp my Pre app installed to use these sounds as your default alert sound. Just connect the Pre as a USB drive and drag these files into your ringtone folder, then launch the app and change the default sounds. uh.. I tried uploading here but it says invalid format???? If someone will pm me with your email address I will email the files for you to upload to a storage site somewhere. thanks!
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    post them up here in a zip file.
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    i'm interested.
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    I would like also.
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    Upload the zip file to MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service and then post the link here, thanks!


    I found a link to some iPhone ringtones, these might be old (so I'll keep searching for the latest ones).
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    doesn't this kind of defeat the purpose?

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