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    Sorry in advance if this has already been posted but is anyone else have the problem that when I delete an email off my hotmail account, and it goes to the trash i get an alert that a new email (the one that I just deleted) has arrived. this has only happened since 1.1. Send help!
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    It happens to me every now and then. Seems to be when I am deleting to fast or deleting while messages are coming in. I have always been successful deleting it the second time. My email accounts are netscape and webmail.
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    not sure about the hotmail part. Never had a problem when on the web via pc. But I don't have that problem on the pre with gmail.
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    This has been happening to me since the 1.1 upgrade...but only sporadically. It's driving me CRAZY!!
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    It has happened to me prior to 1.1. it seems when I delete things before the phone is finished updating it will redownload the email again. If you wait for it to stop updating, slowing down an already to slow process, it will fix the problem.

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