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    I was just sitting in front of my computer and the Pre rang, I decided not to answer, all of a sudden after a few rings it answers itself and connects the call!! Unbelievable PALM!! Anyone else had this happen since they updated?? This is totally unacceptable!
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    Was the phone on the Touchstone?
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    this has happened to me a couple of times. I thought that I had just hit something by accident. Also, I am having an issue where I answer a call from someone and when I go to end the call I notice the phone app is gone and the person's contact card is on the screen. I must click the phone app at bottom before I can end the call.
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    no it was just charging through the standard charger. They called back and it answered again. This is really not good.
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    this hasnt happened to me, but i really need to try this out... when your phone was just "sitting there" did you have the top mute button turned on or off?
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    mute is off. It is to the left.
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    Mine won't answer unless you flick the answer "ball" up. But it never answers itself.

    To ignore, bump the power button 1 time.
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    I did not touch the phone, Honest. It was shocking because I really didnt want to talk to this person and it connected the call and I quickly hung up.
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    Anyone have any ideas?
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    Nope, never happened to me... Sucks though
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    My first phone did this as well - two rings and it picks up on its own.

    Not sure if the new one will do it too.
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    Thats crazy lol
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    I never had this happen. Is there an auto-answer feature for the Pre? If it does, I don't see it. Do you happen to have a headset connected (BT or otherwise)?
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    ive tried, and i can't mimic this problem.

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