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    So is there a way that if I upload a list of mp3 files somewhere that my pre could play them much like in a playlist format?

    I don't want to leave my home PC on all the time and remote in with my Pre... I have a laptop at home and that thing gets damn hot after a while. Wanted to see if there was a way to store my music files in the cloud and have my Pre play them as if they were stored on the phone.

    Thoughts, anyone??
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    Just use Pandora! The more you use it the more it will zero in on your playlist.
    It has almost exactly duplicated my mp3 list.
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    Try out orb. I use it, but it does have its drawbacks. Try searching this forum for a great tutorial that someone posted awhile back.
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    I've been playing with " mp3tunes . com ". It lets me email songs to the Pre, and then it streams them to playback on the phone. Still can't get any of their built in players to work yet....

    Also, I am experimenting with Shoutcast. It looks promising, as you can set it up as mp3, and then use an aggregator such as vtuner to find it, and stream it to your phone.
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    You can set up a FREE aMpache server at home and stream from it

    See [A] m p a c h e : Pour l'Amour de la Musique depuis le 5 Mai 2001

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    I've been trying to stream using Winamp / Shoutcast but the Pre won't stream over EDVO. I've had success with the Pres WIFI so it seems like we're close.

    You can use Shoutcast DNAS to stream from your home PC as well.
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    So it seems like there is really nothing that can be used that I can setup playlists... that's a bummer

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