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    First of all lets call them correctly Netcasts or Mp3's

    They are Mp3 files usually of entertainment talk topics.
    I don't know about that. I think Netcast is a broader term that also encompasses streaming media, where as Podcast specifically refers to RSS enclosures. I hate how the term needlessly creates the iPod association, but I think we're stuck with it at this point. Definitely can't call them Mp3's, as video has become just as popular as audio, and even audio could technically be delivered in other formats.

    Anyway, I actually popped on here to suggest to anyone looking for some good video casts. They've got a mix of tech, humor, and tech culture type stuff. They offer their shows in several formats. I'm finding the QuickTime Small format works well on my Pre. To add one of their feeds to PrePod

    1. Hit the site and tap one of the shows
    2. On the right, you should see a box with subscription options
    3. Tap Episode RSS
    4. Tap the word Small on the QuickTime line
    5. You'll get a page of text. Flick down so that the title bar appears at the top
    6. Tap the title and it will change to the feed URL
    7. Copy that to the clipboard
    8. Open PrePod's "Add Feed" scene and paste that URL in

    Video support is still limited in PrePod at this time, but it will pull the eps down for you and give you a convenient way to watch them.

    TWiT fans will recognize a lot of the Revision3 personalities from that show.
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    how can i download or watch video podcast like i do on ipod touch from cnet tekzilla etc
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    Install this:

    You can subscribe to each show's feed from within the application.
    Palm Pilot IIIxe > LifeDrive > Pre
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    you can check out Midnight Podcast.....Although many do not like zombies enough to follow the topic.
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    PM me your questions, If I cant find an answer, I'll show you who can.
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    I started a thread here sharing my prepod podcast feeds -

    Would be great to see what everyone else is listening to..
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    I'd listen to PalmCast (of course) to get my palm news, Buzz out loud for all things tech news, and the other smartphone experts podcasts to see what's going on the enemy side
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