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    It's real...mine has done that at least four times
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    or maybe just the bright logo in blood red?

    "When there is no more room in hell, the dead will walk the earth"

    PM me your questions, If I cant find an answer, I'll show you who can.
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    Yesterday was my worst day so far. Took it off the charger just before 8 and by 6pm it was at 10%. I used the phone for no more than 45 mins of talk time and was on the internet for about 30 mins throughout the day. Today I took the phone off the charger, made a 15 min phone call and the battery as already at 89% before I walked out the door.

    This battery life crap is the last straw for me. The phone is great, but what good are all these features if you have to constantly worry about the battery going dead before the day is over?
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    this morning.... phone almost a month old of use....

    was at a 100% overnight charge, surfed the web for about 45min on bus to work and listened to some Pandora streaming stations, checked email, replied to a couple of texts.... was in evdo land all the time and my battery was at 65%...that was barely 1hr of total use...

    that amzer 1400 may be coming sooner rather than later... lol
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    two days ago, mine sucked at the end of the day. It went from 20% to 10% in 20 minutes, and then immediately shut off, but no problems since. Nothing was running at the time
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    My battery life has sucked since getting 1.1. Previously, going through a work day with medium usage, I'd have about 40% around 8pm. Now it's ready to die in the early afternoon.
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    I've had a couple days...mostly when I'm in an area of poor reception...the battery dies really quick, but this is not a pre isolated issue. My old touch used to do the same thing.
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