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    I dont get the point of it yet....

    I go on it, and I'm just looking at everything dumbfounded....

    My question is, can I have my voicemails from my Pre sent to that number somehow so that I can see them "visually"?

    Or my texts or whatever for that matter?

    Can anyone just explain the benefit of having this Google Voice account other than making cheap calls anywhere (i call no one beyond California)
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    This question is outside of the scope of this forum.

    Both your questions- no you cant.
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    You're looking at it backwards. The idea is that you will give people your GV number instead of your Sprint number, and GV will forward calls and texts to your Sprint number (or home number, or work number, etc.). I can't say I'm totally sold on it either, at least not yet. Someday you'll be able to port your number to GV and then it will be transparent to your callers.
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    Quote Originally Posted by diyeiogt View Post
    I dont get the point of it yet....

    I go on it, and I'm just looking at everything dumbfounded....

    My question is, can I have my voicemails from my Pre sent to that number somehow so that I can see them "visually"?

    Or my texts or whatever for that matter?

    Can anyone just explain the benefit of having this Google Voice account other than making cheap calls anywhere (i call no one beyond California)
    Give it a try. I love it. Read all of the help instructions and get it setup so that when someone dials your GV # your other phones will ring. You can setup personalized voicemail messages for your contacts, you can listen in while a caller is leaving you a voicemail and then pick up if you want, you can record any phone call and you can get a typed transcript of voicemail messages sent to you as a txt or email. These are just a few of the features I use - its really amazing technology.
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    GV is great if you have multiple phones/locations and you just want to give out one number.

    Imagine your work phone, home phone, cell phone, spouses cell phone, work cell phone, whatever all ringing if someone calls 1 number. Its a great idea, but most people dont have multiple phones anymore or dont want their work calls coming to their personal phone.
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    if you have sprints pick 3.. you have unlimited calling. enjoy.
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    But to answer your questions yes you use googles voicemail instead of the sprint one.

    What you do is go into your google voice account and set do not disturb, you tell call up sprint and tell them on no answer or reject you want the call to be forwarded to your google voice number. Basically you are using google voice only for its voicemail services. However you can try youmail. Enhanced Visual Voicemail For Cell Phones | YouMail its been pretty good, although they charge for transcriptions now, but its pretty cheap and you can set greetings per caller.

    What i'm really ready for is trapcall. As soon as i can do that on sprint i'm totally in for it.
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    I recently got an invite for GV also and was a bit confused as to the concept but understood after reading through the tutorial stuff. Honestly, I think the concept is a little cumbersome, but I'm hoping that a native app will be written for the Pre sometime in the future.

    Currently, Android and Blackberry's have a native app that you can use instead of the stock dialer that will automatically dial out using your GV number. For now, it's a bit of a hassle to call/text someone from the Pre using your GV number.

    Don't get me wrong, I think GV is a great concept but usage needs to be ironed out to make things easier for normal use.

    Here's the options that I know of for calling:
    - Go to GV website (from Pre or computer), set it to dial someone. You will get a call from GV and that call will connect you to the other party (so they can see the callerID as your GV number).
    - Call your own GV number and select option to call someone using their phone number.
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    otherwise, there is also a gv dialer app in the homebrew section:
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    Think of it as a another free number you can use. Perhaps you're trying to start up a side business, instead of using your work number, or cell number you can use your GV number. Create a business like greeting so when people leave vm it will appear professional.
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    Personally, I love it for the spam filtering. I use it as my main consumer contact , and never get telemarketer calls on that line.
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    I just got GV last week after waiting only 2 months for a invite. Im loving it. Very nice and handy application.
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    I understand the confusion. I really only use one phone. I never answer my home phone, because only telemarketers call there. Unless they iron out the details with using Google Voice, I will not give my Google Voice number out to my girlfriend, friends, or family. It's just more convenient for them to call my cell number.

    There are definite uses, though. I believe Google Voice is intended more for businesses. It's really not for the average Joe out there using only a cell phone.

    However, it is a good catch-all for everything else. If you are unsure, then keep the status quo with your friends and family, but give your Google Voice number out to your bank, the electric company, when you enter a sweepstakes, the landscaping service, etc. In fact, don't even have calls forwarded to your cell phone. Just get an email or SMS whenever someone leaves you a voicemail.
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    If somebody sends a text message to your phone, it will show up as a (406)xxx-xxxx number. If you dial that 406 number from any of your GV phones, it will call that somebody. It's a nice little work around to either have GV call you to connect the call (web), or to dial your GV number and then to dial the contact's number.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wootang00 View Post
    if you have sprints pick 3.. you have unlimited calling. enjoy.
    My account has 1500 minutes shared among 5 lines. Pick 5 has saved us a bunch of minutes. Having our GV number as one of the Pick 5's saves us even more. I use GV when I'm just calling people who I don't regularly call (restaurants, customer service).
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    Google Voice would be extremely valuable for someone running a home business. Essentially, you have a buffer for your real phone numbers, plus you get a virtual assistant that can forward/redirect calls for you. Additionally, you get third party services that your cell or land line phone companies would charge extra for. I think Sprint charges $.10 for every forwarded call. GV does it for free. Sprint doesn't offer voicemail to text, GV does.
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    Google Voice video explanation:

    Currently in beta, and invite only.
    ........ Please read the Palm Pre Manual and the Palm Pre Solutions Guide.

    Check out the official Palm blog.
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    Yeah. I just use my cell phone. Now that I got a google voice # I figure I should get an office. And a home. I don't have either. So that's the logical set of next steps for me.
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    I protect my mobile number like a hawk. even with do not call lists, the home number gets lots of calls that are "research" and bullcrap that get around the law. Also, soon I'll get rid of the home number, but when you buy online, they want the phone number to which the credit card is registered in some cases for authorization process. Again, don't want my mobile listed there. When I call for sales/product information, don't want to give my number out there either, as I can almost guarantee more follow up (are you ready to buy now) calls, or the number gets sold to other marketing firms, etc.
    I can go to the trouble of disabling my phone number from calling from the mobile, but it's a bit of a pain and if I don't switch it back on, some friends and family don't answer if they don't see a number. I have my google number set up from the mobile with a "call from your google number" option. This way, if I call a shop, my google number appears. If they start spamming my voicemail, I can either send them directly voicemail (to spam/but save for viewing), OR block the calls. And this is really cool - why? Because they get the same recording you get on a landline no longer in service, in the same type of corporate voice, "sorry, this number is no longer in service". Too funny, I love it.
    There is another way to call from your google number but I haven't set that up yet and is too complex to discuss here, but should work even simpler.
    Forgot your cell or battery died? NP, use your friend's mobile to log into your GV settings and add the friend's number temporarily and your calls go to their phone, or grandma's landline, etc.

    I'm going to get my wife a separate one and let it be the "family number" to replace the land line. I'll set it to ring both cells and the home VOIP work line. And unlike most business phone systems, it rings them all at once, not in some order. So instead of running for my mobile, I can pick up any phone, even my wife's - if it's simultaneous ring I'll know it's the family number.

    If you don't have a land line, or if you're a kid and don't control the possible porting of your cell phone number this is a great solution. Use it for your registrations, whatnot, without a)ever needing to change them b)not really divulging a number they can bug you on.

    It is cumbersome, but relatively a newborn, it will get better, IMO. They need a better interface that allows us to change profiles of the numbers called with a secure, one or two click app, for example. You can do this now, but it isn't a couple clicks. Phone apps could fix this, but Google could improve their interface too.
    If you can't see the utility, you either lack imagination or prefer the simple life, which is fine. But reading the setup, it is easy to get lost or come away with the "this is too much trouble" feeling. They need a "quick-card" setup, or a simpler checklist/default setup, where you put in a few numbers, answer a few questions and it sets up with some defaults, so one can get started w/o reading all the options, which tend to confuse.
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    Another great thing about G-voice is that it saves any texts sent to and from the number as conversations just like the Pre, BUT unlike the Pre, actually saves the exact time and dates forever. That's one of the more annoying lacking features of the Pre. You can keep them forever as a record of the conversations, important information, whatever. It's great
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