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    it usually takes at least 3 rings when i test it out from a home or office phone for my Pre to start ringing.

    This is unusually long for a phone, is it just my Pre or all of yours?
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    Bout one and a half rings before it picks up on my pre when dialing from my work phone which is even a different area code. Probably has to do with how fast the signal travels through the network. I imagine during peak times it takes a bit longer ti connect.
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    My Pre seems to take extra long to ring, pisses me off.

    tested out a coworkers Treo which is also on same network and it ran Immediately. My pre was always delayed bigtime
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    I cant hear mine alot when its in my pocket.

    Then again im in a server room most of the day.
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    Yeah, its a bit delayed in ringing, though the screen is up, and a bit sluggish after answering. I've concluded that I need to just start talking a second or two after I flick to answer even though the animation of switching screens takes 5+ seconds.
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    About two rings for me. I'm not sure if this is any different than my Treo 755.
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