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    I've only had mine for a few days and there are a couple features that it's missing (multiple select of email, copy/paste, etc) nothing huge. I'm extremely satisfied with this phone and I think I'm going to like it for a while.

    Can't wait for the App Catalog to open up though. I need Excel edit support!
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    Awesome phone - horrible battery. Maybe a deal breaker because i find myself either:

    1) stranded without a phone
    2) Not using my phone for fear of draining battery and being #1

    Will probably return due to battery issues...
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    I picked up my Pre a week after its release date. I absolute love the phone! I have had no issues whatsoever. Battery life could be better, but at least I have the option to purchase a second battery and charger. The only complaint I have is that I can't stop myself from using gestures on every phone I pick up...including my wife's Treo ....
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