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    I used to take it with me everywhere and today I lost it somewhere in the hotel I stayed in... sucks... Anybody doesn't use it and is willing to sell it to me let me know. PM me or email me at cajigasjr at aol dot com

    Thank you!
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    The little rubber thing that you use to bundle the cable? I got mine sitting around if ya want it. I just tie the USB cable in with my laptops power cable bundle.
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    That thing is very useful! I can understand your disappointment in losing it!
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    I agree that the strap thing was cool, but would a rubber band work, instead of paying some one for another one?
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    Lol. Lost mine too, but I don't think it's that big of a deal. Most office supply stores sell velcro wraps/cable ties that work wonders for me!
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    i understand how you feel,mine just broke,i was crushed but i tightened up my boots wiped the tears from my eyes !and started using rubber bands or twist from garbage allllll good.
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    I carry all my cables straight.
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    Yeah, mine's long gone.
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    My chihuahua kept taking it off the cord and playing with it, so eventually I let him have it.
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    yeah mine just fell off, i never got it to work well, there isn't anything to really wrap the cables around except themselves and that seems like it would bend them more than anything.
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    Mine never left the Sprint Store on June 6. They took it off to charge it when I bought it so they could apply the first update and I forgot about it until I got home. Went back and they were like, um, no we don't have it. So I don't know what I ever missed (yet I have a feeling it could have been handy).
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    I lost mine at some point in the last few weeks... I went to use it yesterday and it was gone. Oh well, i'll make something better to hold my cables.

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