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    After seeing the recent news of the price drop at Best Buy (which actually turned out to be a mistake and is currently being corrected []) I called sprint customer service. I had only gotten my pre last sunday, so I was still in a position to return the phone and just go to best buy, but I wanted to avoid that very long winded process.

    After speaking with a few unhelpful reps, I finally reached someone who was actually helpful. He explained to me that returning and going to best buy would actually turn into a two week process before the return cleared and my upgrade was available again. So he offered to give me three numbers to call on any network without using my minutes. Then at my request he also hooked me up with a free airave with two years of service no charge. I know they stopped doing this so I was surprised when the rep said yes. Gotta say that I really lucked out with this one. Thanks Sprint.
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    They gave you a Pick 3 and an Airave.... for what? Complaining about nothing?
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    the best buy ordeal was a price mistake so no one's entitled to anything unless you complain just to complain about a mistake.
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    The way I'm reading this, he called before he found it was a mistake. So, he called with a legitmate question - is there anything you can do. They did. What's the beef here? He didn't lie and say he was chaning carriers, he didn't lie and say he had lousy reception . He didn't pretend they owed him anything. Sounds to me like he did the right thing.
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    well i got my palm pre from best buy on july 1st and i when i see the 99 dollar thing i went up to sprint and talked to the manager and they where like just go to mobile and they will take care of u.. well they gave me 107 bucks back for the price match and then swap out my phone for me because it would turn off everytime i closed the slider...
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    Sorry this wasn't clear. I called them before I knew this Best Buy thing was a mistake. I felt entitled to my $100 and was simply given alternatives that they are clearly willing to give. Obviously I wouldn't have done this if I had waited until today and found out this whole thing was a mistake.
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    If I can get the $99 price today I am returning my Pre to the Sprint store since I am within 30days of purchase(you dont have to mail it in if you bought it online or through telesales at Sprint) and buying another at BB.
    I already was a Sprint customer so I wont lose my phone number.
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    Hooked up is getting a free pre + free holster + free touchstone kit + 25% off my monthly bill every month. Having friends in the cell phone industry has it's perks!
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    I got the Pick 3 yesterday too. I just called, asked for account services and told them I was debating the Pre, the iPhone or the mytouch. My contract with Sprint has been up since June, so I asked if there was any incentive they could offer. I mentioned hearing about the Pick 3 or Pick 5 and she gave it to me no prob. I didn't have to threaten or anything. I was just nice about it.

    Now I'm going to set up my Alliant CU account today and go up to the Sprint store so they can apply it (while they transfer my phone numbers).

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