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    In another thread, gopostal points out that provides .pls streams that work on the Pre. Sweet.

    I'm attempting to broadcast my own stream using Winamp and Shoutcast. I've set my encoder to the same settings as (96k .pls) but I keep getting the file error when using EVDO, even though it works over at

    (BTW my Shoutcast stream works over the Pre WIFI but not EVDO.)

    Has anyone had any luck broadcasting a stream from Shoutcast and receiving using EVDO on the Pre? If can do why can't I? lol

    If this works I'll be able to listen to anything on my PC including bouncing internet radio stations through Winamp, to my Pre.

    Also, I wonder if the Amazon mp3 over 3G hack would help in this case. Or maybe it could be a clue for a new mod to help streaming over 3G as well.

    Any help would be appreciated.
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    Anyone? Bueller?
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    Quote Originally Posted by bdubdrum View Post
    anyone? Bueller?
    download the homebrew shoutcast app, it has the entire shoutcast database
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