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    I've have had my Pre since the famous June 6th. I am one of the original Palm users from the 1940's... ok early 2000's.... I use this thing to try and organize my freakin' crazy a** life. I loved the Palm thought process from day one. - My last Palm was 755p. On June 6th, I was very excited to get it and maybe that was part of the problem - waaaay tooo much build up on this device from the press and everybody else. When I finally picked it up I thought hmmmmm... kinda small, button a bit weird, gotta move this slider thing every time I need to type. Blah, blah, blah, you've heard all the criticizms. But, just yesterday a light went on - holy crap this thing is ahead if it's time. It's not designed like other units. It does takes a bit of un-training if you were a previous Palm user to really understand that these dudes really thought about this design and delivered. I don't think it's small now at all, in fact it's kinda the perfect size. Since 1.1 I think it's also really beginning to function in the way the designers intended. (still more to go). Even the keyboard which I'm still a little meh about really makes sense in keeping the display large. ( a virtual keyboard as well might be nice too). I really think I finally get it now - Anyone else kinda warm up to it this thing??
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    other than seeing the dead pixels when I first turned it on, it was instant love for me, coming from Touch pro
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    I agree. I got the original iPhone on day 1 also. It had almost nothing that resembled the PDAs that I was used to. The only things I liked about it is that the designers thought "outside the box" and the device had a lot of potential. it developed to where it is today, and the form factor and it's potential are going stale.

    After seeing the Palm Pre at CES in Jan, I liked how they thought "outside the box" and I thought the device had a lot of potential. I loved the Pre when I got it on day 1, and it fascinates me every day. I still think that the iPhone is probably best for end user novice who wants a toy to play with in public. But as soon as the apps start rolling in for the Pre, look out! I think it has the potential to not be a PDA or a SmartPhone, but a whole new class of portable computer...somewhere between the netbook and SmartPhone.
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    I've fallen in love with the pre. I see the potential and truly believe that the device represents the wave of the future. Besides the *newness* of the pre, I love having a phone that FITS in my palm, isn't a heavy brick, has a slick design and navigates the web and other functions so seamlessly.

    I agree with the OP: with time the pre could really become a major contender for a substantial amount of the market. Go pre!
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    I love it. This is my 3rd or 4th Palm starting with the Treo 300 way back when. Its taken a few days, but now Im totally re-trained to the Pre and it makes perfect sense. Awesome.
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    Palm is truly ahead of their time on this one, IMHO. This device is becoming an extension of me for communication and information. It never leaves my side. I've never been like this with any device before.
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    I am pretty new to the smartphone scene having been a Nextel user for so long. Last year I switched over to Blackberry and thought I had been missing out on so much.

    When I got my Pre I realized how much more could be done than I was used to doing with the BB.

    Love the Pre.
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    I've been searching for a house the last few weeks, and my Pre has been simply invaluable. I can't imagine any other mobile device being so useful in maintaining a dynamic connection to all of the information needed to make the search a tolerable process--which is saying a great deal for the SoCal real estate market at the moment. Normally, "house search" and "SoCal" and "tolerable" would never belong in the same sentence.

    I've done the house hunting thing in the past, and I don't know how I managed to survive it without a Pre.
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    With HUGE hands, I was VERY surprised at the size (or lack thereof) when I picked mine up on June 6th. Sure, all of the reviews exclaimed their disbelief in how small it actually was, but I almost balked...wondering how am I going to work on this thing. But within the week, I was typing like a pro (even if I was still pressing Orange + M to use a comma, a setup that was very familiar to me from the 600, 650 & 700p).

    The gestures were almost immediately intuitive, but it took awhile to get used to the overall UI. Now, I am smitten with the device!
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    For me the Pre has forced me to reassess my ties to Apple. The way apply structures and stores media is restrictive and doesn't allow you to easily share things across different platforms. Essentially, Apple is saying if you have a Mac and use itunes we STRONGLY recommend you use an iphone, its just easier. I don't like being dictated to in that manner. The iphone is a great piece of gear so I don't see why the feel they need to lock you into their system. But up until I bought the Pre, I don't think I thought of the situation in that way.

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