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    Okay, I've noticed this for awhile now, and can't figure out why this is happening. I decided to clean out my inbox by swiping to delete all texts from "Melanie". So, I swipe my finger, press delete, and it appears to have been deleted. However, if I type "M", as if I were searching through my existing texts, rather than showing a No Text Messages sign, it takes me to a "hidden" page where the texts from "Melanie" I supposedly deleted are still alive and well, even allowing me to send texts and keep that chat in the "hidden" page rather than the main text message screen.

    So, I've tried to swipe and delete from the "hidden" page, and it shows the texts have gone, however, again if I type "M", they are back. I wondered if this happened with all, so I tried several people to see if old texts, even just recently deleted ones, would show up. They don't. So I thought, well maybe it's because she has an iPhone (hey, I tried everything else, and I've had issues sending something to an iPhone user before, so why not?). I sent texts and deleted texts from another friend with an iPhone, "Joseph". I type "J" to find the "hidden" page, but there is none. His texts were actually deleted.

    So why is it that just texts from "Melanie" stay on the phone, albeit hidden? Is there a way to officially remove them other than doing a complete restore on the Pre? And has this even happened to anyone else?

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    It appears that *all* your messages, text and email, are stored in the Pre's internal database. When you "delete" a chat thread or message, it seems like the message doesn't necessarily get deleted from the DB immediately, although the flag to not show the messages any more is set.

    I'm guessing that what you are seeing is the search function finding old texts that are marked as "do not show" but not yet deleted. I haven't dug around enough to figure out much beyond that, sorry.
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    Okay, thanks for at least providing some background information. I figured it was something like that, I'm just not sure as to why it only picks one particular person to do this for. Weird.

    Thanks again, and any more help would be great!
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    Also, when I get new text messages from people whose text threads I deleted, they no longer show up in my messaging window. Really annoying...
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    I had this problem too, but it doesn't seem like the same issue being described jsabo. When I delete a conversation, searching for it doesn't bring it back up.

    However, I did have a weird problem where 1 conversation was deleted, but remained in the background just as described in the OP. When ever a text was sent/received from this contact, I could view the whole converstation by searching, but it was hidden from the main page of the message app.

    Another thread gave a fix (, and what I did was deleted this contact (write the info down if you don't have it memorized), sent a text to the number, then added the contact back.

    Doing this brought the conversation back onto the main page, and I was then able to actually delete it (where searching for the contact didn't bring it back up).

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    where is the fix? ive had to hard reset multiple times due to this glitch
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    I have the same issue as the original poster and I even commented in a thread and no one else was having that issue and even some wish they had that "feature" well to me it isnt a feature at all and its annoying but there is no explanation nor anything i can do about it but hope that if I should ever need to hide a text that the person i am hiding it from doesnt own a pre and know about universal search inside of the messaging app!
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    The problem of a message showing up in the search view but not the conversation view is another issue in itself (which i also deal with) but my fix for that is rather easy I usually find the msg (via search) then click the contact to pull up their contacts info unlink profiles, then delete the message. Once i have done this the message usually shows up in conversation view again and then i just relink the profiles again.
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    ya i deleted all my messages from my inbox, and now when i get a text from one of those people i deleted, they do not show up in my inbox.

    im kind of confused and who had this problem and who had the other problem?

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