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    Going out to buy 5 of them at Best Buy Woot Woot. $100.

    Sprint says Alliant Credit Union members only receive a 10% discount but corporate employees get 25% but everywhere online I have read that the discount is 25% not matter if your an employee or customer. Is customer support just BSing me? I would like to know because I could than apply for the SERO plan because once I open an account I can not apply SERO at a later time.

    On a side note, I applied for Alliant and said I'm part of the local PTA, are they going to verify this somehow?
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    They aren't $100, this was an error and has been fixed woot woot

    Also you cannot get on SERO anymore, they don't offer it. They offer an EPRP which is very similar to SERO but not the same.
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    No, Alliant will not verify that you are a member of a local PTA, that is how I joined and they have asked me for nothing and my account has been opened for months. When they added the discount the other day it did say that I was an employee, but I told the rep I was a CUSTOMER and simply provided him the code from Alliant's website.
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    thats what i meant by SERO sorry but can anyone answer my questions
  5. joelpalm
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    I already did^^ I didn't come outright and say it is 25%, it is.
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    Benefits | Membership | Alliant Credit Union

    I get 25%.

    Well, nobody's heard of them checking yet. However, I wouldn't be surprised if Alliant looks into these less profitable accounts eventually. One of my crazy rules of thumb is to avoid committing fraud against a financial institution.
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    i posted before my page refreshed so i didnt see your post

    Why is customer service telling me something else? They also say since the discount is valid for Alliant you cannot get the activation fee waived?
  8. joelpalm
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    That is why you ask to get the activation waived before you ask for the code. They said they couldn't waive my activation either, but they were able to give me an extra 50 minutes a month. Get the CorpID code from Alliant's website and just have them type that in, it's the easy way to get your discount.
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    Ok so this CorpID do I need to be a member of Alliant because my username and password is coming in the mail or is this a generic ID all members get to use?
  10. joelpalm
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    No, just go to Alliants website and search "Sprint" it will show you the corpid.
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    Ok so once i get this CorpID i tell sprint and they will say your eligable for a 25% discount?

    Thanks for your help.
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    i figured it out. thanks!
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    Sprint can be a royal pain in the arse regarding discounts. They seem to be really focused on employment for any discount. It was a long road getting there, but I did eventually get the 25% alliant discount.

    If you've got spare time, read the following saga:

    I started out with a personal plan and tried to get the home depot business toolbox 10% discount. Anyone can join for free and get this discount - sounds simple, right? There is even a special home depot business toolbox number you can call in to make the request and it is then sent out to a mysterious department who sends you an email notification of their decision. In my case it was usually DENIED.

    You cannot talk to these guys, they just say NO via email

    You can look at home depot's site to list the discount plain as day - but sprint refused to honor it saying that I don't work for Home Depot. RIGHT! it's an association, a group, not an employer... so they put it through again and the same thing happens. I think the CSR was not picking the right code, so I made sure... still no dice.

    Finally I got someone at the home depot business toolbox on the horn (not easy to do) and they very kindly waited on the phone with me until Sprint figured it out. The conclusion was that you can only get this discount if you have a BUSINESS account.

    Whew, so I converted my account to a business account - what a pain - with my company name listed. I applied for the discount again and the answer was NO!! Because my employer is not home depot.... like talking to a wall..... so frustrating...

    Whenever I felt like slamming my head up against a wall I would call sprint to try to get the discount. Then I saw the alliant 25% off thing and figured what the heck! I got shot down numerous times on this one for the same employer reasoning. Someone even told me I had to convert back to a personal plan to get the alliant discount!!!

    Eventually I got someone on the phone who gave a ****, gave them the alliant code, got denied as usual - BUT the discount went through.... only to find out that my "everything" plan isn't applicable for discounts

    No worries, switched to a family plan, added a line, not too bad.

    I truly believe sprint is run by crackheads, but with the 25% discount I am placated.
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    Quote Originally Posted by frankrizzo View Post
    gave them the alliant code, got denied as usual - BUT the discount went through....
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    Redirect | Alliant Credit Union

    This might help others
  16. joelpalm
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    Damn it's nice to be within my 30 days. I had to call 2 times to get it added, spoke with 3 different people because "the system won't allow me to add it". Finally got a guy on the phone and gave him the Corp ID and off I went! Also got the Pre for $99 from Best Buy. Got such a good deal, I couldn't afford NOT to switch.
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    your welcome?
  18. joelpalm
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    No, we were the ones helping you get the code. You are welcome though.
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    I wonder how much longer this sizable discount will last, considering it's all over the deal websites (fatwallet, slickdeals).
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    Quote Originally Posted by smithwicks View Post
    I wonder how much longer this sizable discount will last, considering it's all over the deal websites (fatwallet, slickdeals).
    I know because once it does gets banned we will not be eligible for the SERO because it can only be added when signing up for a new line of service
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