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    Verizon is the only provider in my area that has 3g available. I have never had a 3g phone so I do not have a good grasp of how much better 3g is. Should I wait until January and get the pre on Verizon or do problems with Verizon outweigh the benefit of having 3g? FYI - Sprint has good coverage where I live but no 3g. TIA.
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    No guarantee Verizon is getting the Pre.
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    Not to mention, Sprint's plans (at lease mine, SE $99), is much cheaper than Verizon.
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    I use to have an iPhone too, but there was only 2G where I live and work. Now with Sprint I have 3G everywhere.... it's sooo fast and totally worth it. If I were you I would just wait it out for just a little bit to see if the Pre is coming to Verizon.
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    Go with Sprint, get the Pre now, and just use WiFi. Verizon may not even get the phone, and if they do, they may very well cripple it however they can. Not to mention force their apps and app store down your throat.
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    Verizon = a lot more expensive than Sprint. However, if Verizon is the only carrier to have 3G in your area, and you're sure about that, then there is no option but to wait. I do believe they'll be getting it in January.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nelson1900 View Post
    Go with Sprint, get the Pre now, and just use WiFi. Verizon may not even get the phone, and if they do, they may very well cripple it however they can. Not to mention force their apps and app store down your throat.
    True and also consider your budget. It could be well cheaper on a sprint plan than a Verizon one...... that is if they get the phone at all.
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    i say find out how sprint is in your area. i'm quite happy with it two days in in southern cal. and i'm one of those that left sprint many years ago cause of bad service and reception. The phone is pretty good though.
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    Verizon better get the phone. lol

    I've been waiting.

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    I switched from VZW to Sprint for the Pre. With the monthly money I am saving (plus I got the pre for $99), I can swith back to VZW when/if the Pre comes over there. The savings will cover the cost of the ETF for Sprint.
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    If you're not on 3G then forget browsing with the Pre unless you have wifi connection. I'm on the 1X network, which is what you get if you don't have 3G and it does suck. Even simple things like getting GPS to work is slow and agonizing. I'd definitely wait for a 3G connection before getting any phone if you want anything other than voice and messaging.
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    I switched from Verizon to Sprint to get the Pre and have been very pleased so far! Certainly no better service, but no worse. And Sprint is 1) cheaper, and 2) has the Pre.

    Agree if you don't have wi-fi nor 3G, it's not worth it.
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    I've had t-mobile, nextel, verizon, at&t, and sprint. I'm with Sprint now and never been happier.
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    The bottomline for me was, Sprint was cheaper. 98% of the time, I am satisfied with CS. I'll gladly take the 2% frustrating customer service to save $30-$50 a months
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    I also switched from Verizon to Sprint for the Pre. The only downside I've noticed is that my battery is depleted faster on the one day of the week that I am out of Sprint territory (1X and roaming). Otherwise, I am thrilled with my Pre (a revolutionary phone that Verizon would never be the first to introduce) and happy with my less expensive bill with a discount on Sprint (none for me on Verizon).

    In addition, my customer service experience has been wonderful so far.

    Besides, I am still waiting for Verizon to bring out the 800w (although there are recent rumors that it may still happen -- incredible!)
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    Rumor has it that if Verizon gets the Pre or any WebOS device they will take the App Catalog out of it. So I would say Sprint, for me they have been solid and price is cheaper a month.
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    ....and you never know what the Verizon varient will look like. Look at the HTC Pro. Verizon's varient got neutered big time.

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