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    Pandora is a must have for The Pre, especially since Pre has only 7GB availble storage I listen to Pandora a lot instead of downloading my entire MP3 library.

    Also since I rarely listen to broadcast Radio Pandora is one of my main sources of New music & new artists.

    I love the Pandora APP, I plug my pre into my Car AUX and listen to Pandora to & from work.
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    Add me to the "best Pre app" crowd. I've been a Pandora fan for years and this is a great port. I do the same thing someone else mentioned where I create a good quickmix online and then run it from the Pre.

    Not only is it great for walking around town but when I have people out on the roof deck I usually just plug in the Pre and plug in some computer speakers. Instant music for hours without having to burn CDs or carry an mp3 player.
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