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    I believe I've found a feature to the email. Go into your inbox and pinch out on a message (like the zoom in gesture). This will expand the message without having to open the message. You can do this on multiple emails at once also.

    Not sure if this was possible before update 1.1

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    That's a pretty neat find, even if it's not new.
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    The pre's browser and precentral don't get along too well... Seem that photos rent working so here a link: Login | Facebook
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    thats sick...never knew that
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    That is amazing.

    An easy way to get it to work is to plan one finger on the email in question and move the other finger to expand/contract.

    Freaking awesome. Makes reviewing email so much easier.
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    Ok so about the photo's, maybe someone else can link b/c I'm on my pre with no access to a comp.
    Heres a link that may or may not work Lucas J Huggins's Photos - Mobile Uploads | Facebook
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    Yeah I went to see what zooming in did in an inbox and this happened. Its a little tricky to master though.
    Its possible to expant to full message and also click on links.
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    That's very cool. Nice find!
    Rob Robinson
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    Whoa! Thanked.
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    good find imop45. pretty kool
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    That is a pretty neat little trick.
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    Very cool.
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    Now, I would like to see when you're reading an email message in an email account, you can use the swipe gesture on the screen to go to the next message, sort of like when you're looking at pictures. Right now you have to press the tiny little arrows, where it seemed natural to just swipe. I tried it the other day and no luck.
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    Yeah that was already a feature. But it seems this phone does so many things so many ways. Alot of features are overlooked and stumbled upon. I have been zooming in my email like that since launch day.
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    wow cool!!...I can show my blackberry email addict friends this one!
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    I have to say that this just completely changed how I'm reading email messages that I know I'm going to instantly delete (eg: facebook status updates).

    SO much faster to pinch open, read the one line, then toss away than to open the message, delete it, go back to the main screen, and repeat.
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    Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet.. .
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    That is a very cool find... I would of never thought of pinching the emails, but from just playing with it I foresee this being very useful.
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    very cool indeed.
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    This is cool. But it seems like if you zoom too far, the display suddenly reverts back to the unzoomed list. Am I doing something wrong?
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