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    Hi All,

    Just got my Pre on Friday afternoon at a BestBuy. Right away I noticed the sub-par battery life and read a ton of tips on the forums here. I figured I'd get some quantitative measurements first before I asked if this was normal. Today, after a fresh charge (100%), I turned my device back on from Airplane mode and over the course of the next 25 minutes did the following:

    1) Read 5 emails
    2) Sent a mass-text message out to approx 35 people (which took me about 20 minutes...grrrrr to no groups yet!)

    I checked my battery, and it was already down to 90% Here is my setup on the phone:

    1) Full 5 Bars (EV)
    2) WiFi on and connected
    3) GPS off
    4) Gmail (As items arrive)
    5) No IM clients enabled
    6) Facebook linked

    This seems like an extreme drop. Does anyone else agree? What should my next step be....back to Best Buy, or call Palm?

    Thanks in advance....great forum!
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    I have two email accounts set up. Gmail set to check every 15 minutes and the other set to check every half hour. I also have wifi off most off and BT on most of the time. Been getting pretty decent battery life.
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    The longer you have it, the better it gets...
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    try this, fully charge the device, then use it for a bit or leave it off the charger for about 15 minutes and it should be lower percentage, charge it again till its 100 percent and repeat
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    Does anyone else have deja-vu right now??

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