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    I need someone to help me on this. I just updated to 1.1 and then synced my phone with Itunes. It synced fine but will not play any of the songs that it just synced but plays the original synced songs. I then tried syncing with Double Twist and it doubled up all of my songs taking up another 1.5gb on my phone. How do I get rid of these doubled up songs?
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    Did you try resynch'ing with itunes but changing your song list to show an empty list. This should remove all the songs. Now try and resynch with either itunes or Double twist (one, not both) and see if you can get your list back to where you want it.

    Also, if you have an older version of iTunes 8.1.x, you will not have to deal with the newer issues. I never updated to 8.2.x so it was never an issue for me, even after Apple cut off the Pre the first time.
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    I got it. I went into the USB side and deleted all songs and re-synced with Itunes and works fine. Not all songs and videos play though. Not sure why.
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    Are some of the songs still protected/DRM'd from itunes? I've been updating my DRM files as needed, but still a time consuming and expensive process. Needless to say I buy everything from Amazon now.

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