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    Seriously. The phone's been out for 2 months.
    It's been a bit over a month for me.
    I'm pretty upset because I wanted to return my phone after the 30 days (found out I have the dreaded "oreo twist")...

    And I was just thinking about how the software I would pay money for, but the hardware is simply making the $199.99 a joke.
    What makes that older price an even funnier joke is that Best Buy is selling for $99.99.

    It sucks for people who bought multiple Pre's (ahem, me) for family... The extra $100 really stacks up.
    It's like Palm pulled an Apple.

    Edit: I know this seems like a rant, but it's quite upsetting if you have bought more than one Pre and you notice the "oreo twist" on your own Pre after the 30 days. On a side note, can you still exchange your Pre if you have a hardware problem after the 30 days?
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    duplicate thread (though the other one doesn't actually list the price in the title)
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    This is just the price of being an early adopter. It is to be expected.
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    The two months I got to play with my Pre before the price drop was well worth a bill.
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    I once bought a new car and paid 4.9% interest to do so. A week later, the manufacturer introduced a 0% financing offer.

    Boy, was I mad!

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    I wonder if this would qualify for price protection under American Express? It hasn't been more than 90 days.

    AMEX Price Protection
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    Not mad, was to be expected when the iphone went to $99. Happy I got the Pre when I did, for those who are mad, prices drop on cell phones all the time, I'm sure at some point the Pre will go down to $49 just like the curve did, this is part of the game carriers play.
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    I'm thoroughly excited. My patience just netted me $100 that I was prepared to spend next week. Looks like I'm gonna buy before Aug afterall. Called my local BB to verify. I'm gonna jump on them while they're still in stock.
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    I'm exuberant, eligible Aug 1st, this makes up for all the waiting
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    I paid $199 but like someone said, that's the price I paid for getting it early. I had little choice though and I'm really happy with it so I can let it go. On the bright side, there'll hopefully be a spike in sales and more developers looking Palm's way.
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    im not mad.
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    can i return and rebuy if im within my 30 days?
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    Eh. Indifferent. If someone said "pay $100 and get your Pre and you can have it 2 months early" I probably would have paid it.
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    I'm feeling indifferent about it. I understand the premium you pay for being impatient. I'm still totally happy w/ my PrPrPr&#$275$;.

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    I'm wondering since my 30 days isn't up, if I could return the one I have and then go to best buy and buy one for $99. You would think sprint would work it out for me instead of going through this mess.
    What do you guys think?
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    yeah honestly, the pre is nice.. i felt it was well worth the price of admission.. however i did buy it in the first week of release... those who may have purchased it only a week or two ago may feel differently...
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    Glad I waited and just bought mine Friday, going to Best Buy now to get my $100!
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    It's not fair but I'm resigned to it. I already broke my T-Mobile G1 contract to get it, and before that I broke a Sprint contract with a Centro.

    When the next gen smartphone is out I'll buy it if it's good regardless of contract or price. It's going to cost me a few hundreds over the next couple years and I accept it. With the G1 and Pre I barely use my laptop and held off buying a new one so I see the costs as justified.
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    I paid full price so i'm over being mad.
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    Uh, kinda sucks...I understand price drops but 2 months out of initial release?

    Guess it's my bad for being impatient, but still.
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