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    I will be making a trip to BB, this is just unacceptable
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    Quote Originally Posted by Leke View Post
    I will be making a trip to BB, this is just unacceptable
    and tell them what?
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    Quote Originally Posted by technoviking View Post
    and tell them what?
    thanks for the extra 106 bux
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    I am a little upset. Price was going to go down eventually, but this soon? I want $100 dollars back
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    Shoot, look at the people that paid $599 for the 1st gen iPhone. However sales were still good for a $600 phone
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    My local Best Buy is claiming that this was a marketing misprint and they received an email from corporate indicating that the correct price is still $199.99 and they can't honor the $99.99 price. We spoke with a manager and showed him evidence of other stores selling for $99.99, but he still insisted that they couldn't sell the phone for that price.
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    I'm not mad. I just hope Palm picks up on what we want for OTA updates and starts allowing some great apps to be added to our little store. Not a big app person here but would like to see some fun stuff come down the pipeline.
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    Bookmark this thread and wait awhile.

    The same people complaining right now will be the 1st in line for the Pre v2 on or near launch date. These same people will be crying like little girls again 2 months after that because of the eventual price drop.

    Lets face it:
    If you are posting on a forum about a cell phone you are a fanboy or you may be posing as an anti-fanboy (just as bad/ good ).

    Some are more helpful then others.
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    I was prepared to shell out ~$500 out of pocket for the Pre before pricing was officially announced, so it doesn't phase me one bit that the price has dropped.
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    We already have two Pres in the family. With today's price, we added #3 for my daughter. I haven't heard back from my son, but this makes it doable for me to add them both right away instead of waiting on my 1 per month schedule. When you add that I don't have to wait for the rebate, I'm stoked.
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    This is just another reason why it's better to get this phone at Best Buy instead of a Sprint store.
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    Best Buy has now updated their Twelpforce page with the $199.99 price. Unfortunately, I was not one of the lucky ones to be given the $99.99 deal before this error was caught.
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    Quote Originally Posted by firstimer View Post
    thanks for the extra 106 bux
    best buy will give you 100?
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    Price with Plan: $199.99 after savings with a new 2-year agreement with Sprint and activation through Best Buy

    My first impression upon reading the report of '$99 Pres' is that it was a typo (Doesn't anybody read consumerist? These retail stores screw up price printouts all the time!). Sure, if you walked in to buy a new Pre that day, BestBuy would most likely have to offer the advertised price, however don't freak out about it.

    Corporate made a mistake, some people made out with a good deal. It's not a sweeping change, and nobody got screwed. A small few (if anybody) got lucky.
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    Confirmed North Riverside Illinois Bestbuy
    I got back $121 back. I also upgrade one of my other Sprint phones to a Pre for $99 and got 10 % off Touchstone kit.
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    Vernon Hills Illinois best buy gave me back my $107 today. No deal on a touchstone though.
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    If anybody wants to see corporate recovery in action:
    Twelpforce (TWELPFORCE) on Twitter.

    They know they screwed up.

    Again, if you didn't get 100 bucks back, don't sweat it. You weren't supposed to..BestBuy screwed up.
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    I just purchased my Pre last week for 199.99 and am confirming the new 99.99 price at Best Buy- At least it is in my local store (North Carolina)...saw the price drop post, motored straight to the store with my receipt to verify and they were happy to do the price questions asked.

    Great forum- already saved me some money!
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    I bought mine two days ago.... From my job (not best buy) but we do price matching... Anyone know where I can find an official advertisement of this price drop? Greatly appreciated!

    Edit: I also called my local best buy (ny) and they said the price was good for this week
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