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    Update: Best Buy did honor the price match in Kenosha, WI. Bought mine on Friday! Nice!
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    Mine was honored in Metro Detroit this evening.
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    Hey I also just walked out of a BestBuy and got a 2nd Pre for my dad. They had the $99 deal going but when I got to checkout the total was around $164.

    They said the tax was based on the original MSRP of $749.

    Did I get ripped off?

    Should the tax be based on the $749 bull**** MSRP or the $99?

    Any tips, insight or advice would be GREATLY appreciated.

    PS: I live in California if it means anything taxwise and such.
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    You did NOT get ripped off. Cali has stupid sales tax laws. You were taxed on the full BB price of $749 (even though the actual price was $99). It's Cali's way of ripping you off for more tax $$$. But many of our CA residents have confirmed this.
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