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    Hey, maybe he's an NFL quarterback. Ever wonder what goes into their mouth before every play?

    I open mine one-handed or two-handed, depending upon what I'm doing at the time. The one-handed approach involves pushing up from the bottom with my thumb touching the center ball and the bottom of the screen. No cracks yet!
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    The way illustrated in the user manual. Hold in one hand, put some pressure on with your thumb in the middle of the screen, and slide up. Greasy fingers suck for this though (I like to chill at the local pizza joint with my pre at times :-)
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    If you do it the way the instructions say, it is easier because the force you put down on the screen is distributed evenly across the sliders, yielding an easy slide. If you put your thumb off-center, the force on the sliders is uneven, causing them to bind a bit. If you don't get a nice, satisfying, slick feeling slide, you're doing something wrong. I find that doing things the way the instructions say to do them pretty much gives the best results. And it absolutely wants to be done one-handed. The Pre can be a one-handed phone, though typing is a bit awkward.
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    I was really careful at first to not put my thumb on the screen, but it is definitely the easiest way to open it one-handed. So long as you have a screen protector, it should be fine.
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    If both of my hands are free, I use my thumbs on either side of the screen - I can then type away. Lately, I've been finding myself opening it one-handed as well, primarily to answer the's just cool to flip open to talk, and then snap it closed to hang up.
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    I use my pyschic abilities. I think "Open" and the Pre obeys....
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    I hooked mine up to the Clapper.
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