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    So I just got my phone 2 days ago, so i decided to let the battery die, it got to the point where it says "battery life extremely low, shutting down" or somethin like that.

    So i plugged it in last night and it got a battery icon on the screen showing its charging, I left it and go to check it this morning, and it does not seem to be charged, I can not hold the power button to turn off or no, it does nothing. The screen just cycles, it goes to a all black screen with a palm logo and a light fadding in and out behind it for like 5 mins, then briefely flashes to my main screen where i can not touch any icons and says offline mode, then switches back to previous palm logo screen, then eventually after a few rotations of the palm and flash of main menu screen, it goes all black, then a min later has the charging battery icon then has that for about 5 mins then repeats..

    Tried plugging charger it in and out, tried turning it on or off, removed battery and put it back.. so far nothing.. please help..

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    called up and they said to bring it to sprint and they will replace.. guess i'll be on pre number 2.

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