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    I've got a Zune 80gb, I don't worry about 8gb on a phone. Only time I use my phone for music is if I forgot to charge my Zune, and then thats only during my bike rides.
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    Why would it surprise you?? It only has 8GB. That's never going to change and everyone that bought it knows that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by qst4 View Post
    Don't get me wrong the Pre isn't bad, but the touch has an eq and the sound appears to be a tad bit louder and more precise. But I sort of expected that, since the touch is a dedicated MP3 player. My touch is jailbroken, but I still much prefer the UI on the Pre. Call me old fashioned, but I'm more comfortable having a dedicated media player and a separate dedicated phone/task manager primarily due to battery issues with both devices.
    I'm tempted to keep the Touch. They overlap so much I'm just not sure if I can justify it.
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    Feature/Implementation wise, the lake of Micro-SD support is a major oversite considering the device only has 8G.

    I could, however, live with that if the build quality of the device was much better than it is.
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    8gb is enough for me. No complaints here
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    Yep, no complaints about the 8 GB storage. I have 350 songs, 2000 photos, 6 videos. I'm about to remove much of the music cause I too listen to Pandora much more than I listen to my actual music. If I get to a point where I want to listen to my music collection, view my massive photo collection and download and play some games, I'll consider getting an iTouch.
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    Ok this threads point is to what ? Get people complaining as if we need more of that..

    The lack of storage is IMO the shortfall of the Pre, However, Like others have said 1st Gen, & coming from a Treo with 65mb where I needed the expansion slot 8GB is an upgrade.

    I just have to be sure to transfer my pictures often. and monitor the amount of music I put on the Pre.
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    It really depends on what you are doing. I fly to Europe and between Cali and NY often, so I benefit from having the touch for the games, media, conversion etc. But if you work out and like to use the ipod for music then the nano is probably best because it has controls physically on the device that you can adjust without having to look.
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    what a dumb thread. Man, I'm so pissed my 8gb Pre only has 8gb of storage. I wish I knew that before I bought it. Way to go Palm.

    I don't mind waiting for gen 2 with more memory or a card slot and hopefully a more solid design and better PIM.
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    I and MANY others dont need anywhere near 8GB.
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    nobody really cares what you and many others need. It's not the point of the thread. The point is you know it's 8gb when you buy it so there's no point of complaining after the fact. like your post, it makes zero sense.
    Pixi: Sold. Pre: Passed off to another rep. Touchpad: Just a toy until Cloud syncing arrives, and a better doc editor.
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    8 gig seems fine for a new phone... No issue here
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    8 GB really limits the use of the Pre as a media device. As others have noted in this thread, many users are using other devices like an iPod Touch or Zune player for their media files. I myself have a 8GB Zune that I like to use when I go to the gym (I think my Pre is delicate to work out with!) If palm really wants to push the Pre as a media-centric device, which I'm not sure they do, then they really have to increase the integrated storage capacity and beef up the bundled media software apps which is glaringly lacking. I love the Amazon mp3 store, and suprisingly I think the music playback of the Pre is pretty good. But overall, I don't think the Pre is good enough to be the primary media player for most users right now. Maybe by 2nd gen the Pre might be more competitive...I certainly hope so...
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    Quote Originally Posted by dcoaster View Post
    Is it just me or have there not been hardly any posts complaining about the amount of storage they have on their Pre? Before it launched, many people were up in arms that they weren't going to have enough space and no room for expansion. So far I haven't heard much complaining... Am I speaking too soon because the App Catalog hasn't fully blossomed yet or what? Thoughts?
    Look I would have loved to have the external slot for SD chips.

    I was disappointed that they didn't do it.

    But I came from a Treo 650 with the max of 2gb (unless you rooted your Treo, which I did but removed because of issues).

    So I figured I was getting more than enough for the first time around.

    I think like most here, we were supporting Palm in their new WebOS knowing that if it takes off, we will be getting more goodies as time goes on.

    They have to be able to sell us something else next year, so maybe it will come next time around.

    So far, I've been able to load about 4 movie and some music. That's 4 2 hour movies.

    More than enough for a day (even though the battery would never last that long. LOL).

    I think we get what you are saying. And there was some talk early on about the slot issue. But most of us moved on.

    So your question was OK, it's just most of us don't bother with it anymore, the real issue is the apps right now and when we'll see them without having to root, etc.

    But if you're into rooting, you can do fabulous things with your Pre.

    Oh yes, your other question should have also been where is the video recording?

    Personally, I'm hoping we get it in an upgrade to the OS but I have a feeling it will never be enabled on this model. And that will not make me happy.

    Some of us, gave up a few things and some of us gave up a ton of stuff.

    It was in support of Palm's effort to produce a great OS (WebOS) and as most say their last chance to come back.


    PS I gave up a ton of stuff!
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