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    I just got this account today. I'm 90% positive that I will purchase a Pre in the next couple of days. I was wondering if there is a little loop where you can attach a rope, just like on digital cameras. My current phone jumps out of my pocket on the regular. Is it a sturdy phone? Can I drop it on my wooden living room floor?
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    Unfortunately there is no fastener for a strap or any other sort of safety mechanism on the Pre. I've dropped mine 4 times and have been lucky enough to have the it land back-side down, so I can't vouch for the durability of the screen itself, but nothing has gone wrong other than a few slight scratches on the backing from these drops.
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    I dropped mine about a week after I got it in a parking lot when the Pre first came out. It kept coming out of the pouch I bought at the Sprint store. I ended up with a chip in the upper left corner of the case. Just cosmetic nothing major. Last week I was in Boston using it to take pictures while on a mini vacation and I got 3 cracks going up the screen. I didn't drop it or do anything to it they just appeared. My local store put it thru the insurance but due to it having the chip I had to pay the $100 for the deductable but the rep told me there is a known issue with the screens cracking. I would recommend a pouch with someway to secure it inside. The Pre is not made to be dropped. The whole front of the device is a touchscreen if that gets damaged it limits what you can do because all functions are entered thru the screen. I just got my replacement the other day and I am back using my Pre
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    You'd likely get it mighty scratched up if it was attached to your keys.

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