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    When I launch the calendar on my Pre it takes a full 30 seconds for the program to open. Is this common? It is annoying. On my 755p I had the same number of calendars and it launched instantly.
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    Mine opens in 6 seconds. Because the Pre does multi-tasking, I just leave it open and it is effectively "open instantly" after the first time. That's the good news.

    However... if you had tons of appointments and calendar history and you ported all your calendar data from the 755 to the Pre, I'm not surprised to hear about your experience. The Pre calendar is VERY weak in lots of ways compared to anything from anyone, especially compared to all of Palm's previous devices (though the Pre is admittedly cutting edge and innovative in how it syncs to Google's calendars, but I'm not sure I prefer the tradeoff).

    The Pre calendar is so short on "normal/expected" calendar features and data handling, when I ported my 755's calendar data to the Pre, the calendar wouldn't even work. It would freeze constantly and it was VERY SLOW while it worked for a couple seconds before it froze! Hours/days wasted talking to tech support solved nothing. Eventually I just decided to erase everything (even though it was a HUGE undertaking) and then I began recreating my calendar from scratch. (I still carry my 755 in my briefcase with no phone service).

    With the recent webOS 1.1 update for the Pre, some improved calendar functionality is starting to come to the Pre, but the improvements are small and slow in coming and overall the calendar and appointment alerts are still buggy and overall less than reliable. Compared to RIM, Apple, and definitely all old Palm devices, the Pre's calendar remains seriously deficient in features.

    I hope calendar functionality isn't a deal-breaker for you. Good luck!
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    I didn't even think about just leaving the calendar open.
    I feel like Calendar is slow to allow edits to events too. It makes me feel like the program is corrupt and thus not functioning properly but I don't see a way to reinstall without wiping the Pre and starting all over.
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    This is probably the main thing I am waiting for Palm to fix on the Pre! That, and the ability to search through the calendar (and rest of the phone) for a text string.
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    Yeah. Editing is considerably slower and lots more steps compared to Palm OS. It speeded up when I started from scratch, but it's still far slower than it should be. Very annoying, but, there is one waaay cool thing you can do to very easily enter appointments using normal syntax. There's a whole thread about it here and it's worth setting up and learning:

    On the other topic, yep. I had to erase my whole Pre and start over. Twice! It was a royal pain because I had to FIRST eliminate my profile, then next, do a "Full Erase" and set up a new profile. There's much more to it than that (like details about wiping a profile) but since that's not the point of this thread, I'll leave it at that.
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    I don't use Google. I'm strictly Mac based with the exception of my phone. I liked the functionality of the Palm over the iPhone from an organization point of view; however, the Pre might be driving me away with the calendar lag. This morning it took a FULL MINUTE for my calendar to open.

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