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    I was wondering, if the apple appstore is selling so many apps for iphone, is it getting a huge lead on the market? Which other cell phone services (verizon, tmobile, sprint, cricket, etc) are going to launch a similar online cellphone app source such as appstore for iphone?
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    There are a number of factors. What is the market share of the carrier / platform? Who is developing for it? What are the requirements? How are the apps distributed and installed? All of this and more will affect the success of the various players.

    There is no doubt the iPhone has an impressive lead - I think too strong for another carrier to strong-arm their way into a dominant position (i.e. Verizon). Android, and the amount of investment Google will throw at it, remains to be seen. But the fully centralized model is Google's vision, and not necessarily mine. IMHO an open platform can pose a very serious threat, and in the end, if it does not win out, will certainly occupy a solid space among the survivors.
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    Keep in mind the iPhone apps were pretty limited the first year. That's because they had to be based on Safari and there was no app store.

    For iPhone, apps didn't explode until the 2nd year, the ability for developers to get paid for apps sold by Apple, and the release of a powerful updated SDK. iPhone is now in year 3.

    Something to think about.
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    Why is this in the App REVIEW Forum? It should be moved.
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    Pre will surpass iphone because it is standards based and open source. Homebrew is key!
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    The app catalogs for the Pre and Android will probably stay smaller than the iPhone as long as there are more users on the iPhone. But I'm not greedy, I could live with 5,000 apps, I don't need 50,000. It's more a question of whether you have the apps that do the things you want.
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    yeah useful apps are more important than several thousand lightsabers and fart blowers,,look at now,palm has 32 apps,5 of them are restaraunt apps plus google maps and sprint nav will do the same,so thats 7 finding places apps,2 tweet apps,,see where i'm going with this
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    The other problem is that Palm seems to be combing through companies developing apps, instead of Apple who seems to let any Joe Schmoe who reads an online tutorial to make a simple "dog bark" soundboard and charge people a buck for it, because that's money to Cuppertino.

    I'm actually really surprised at the lack of quality some iPhone apps have, I mean sure some WinMo apps look like they were made in MSPaint but you probably didn't pay a penny for it. I would think that Apple would be careful not to allow apps that mar credibility (looking at you, iFart) and be snooty about making sure apps are of "the highest quality" because that's what the "highest quality" phone deserves right?

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    Hopefully Palm won't pull out apps that they decide they don't like, GoogleVoice on an iPhone anyone? Nope, not anymore. So we might catch up if Apple takes enough away.
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    i doubt it. apple will not likely let another cellphone take over...its already pretty much established the market for phone apps
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    I'd rather have useful apps. Quality, not quantity. Apple can have their 50k apps and their iphone that opens them one at a time.
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    i love my pre but they will never catch apple; its like PSN tryna keep up with Xbox Live, Microsoft has been doin it longer and better

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