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    Hiking, I made it around a 3 mile route and came back to one point in the trail. Decided to go for a swim, gently placed my phone and camera on my friends backpack. Went wading, came back, picked up the cam to take a shot, and my friend picked up his backpack and the Pre fell right into the water. Awesome...

    I picked it up quickly, tore the case off and took the battery out. Been drying it out since. Got almost all the sand out of it. I'm hoping it is all better, after over a day of drying, by tomorrow, and blowing it out with a duster thingy.

    Anyone have any idea where the moisture sensor is? I'm not seeing the typical bring orange or red sticker anywhere. Not even in the headphone jack. Any ideas?
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    See here. The reason you can't see it is because it's internal.

    Throw the Pre into a bag of uncooked rice for quite a bit of time. That will help pull additional moister out of it.
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    Had it under 30 days? Exchange it, if not, leave in a bowl of rice for a night to soak up all the water
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    its the sticker that covers one of the screws inside the phone.

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