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    I just checked up on it like 15 minutes later and it's... dead? It's off and the power button doesn't seem to do anything.
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    Plug it back into an electrical source?

    Also try to remove battery.
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    It was plugged in all this time. It's still plugged in actually and no response..
    EDIT: Took the battery out and it turned on. The guy who sold it stuck a paper by the battery. Thanks for the quick response.
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    take out ur battery and put it back in
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    not sure if you have fixed this or not but I had this issue! I was actually power cycling it and it did not come back up. tried plugging in the charger and nothing, then the face started to get really hot!!! like unbearebly hot so I quikely took out the battery and it took almost 15 minutes to cool back down..... then nothing I did would make it power back on.

    ok so it's not the exact same problem but still. Anyway I take it in to the store I bought it at (past my 30 days) and the guy is being an a-hole (big suprise!) trying to put the blame on me saying "your not supposed to take the battery out on this kinda phone" ect. (really? the phone was already not turning back on before I took the battery out... whatever) and to take it to the repair shop. The guy at the repair shop was much cooler and just ordered me another one saying that he had never seen that before.

    long story short its busted and ya need a new one.(if ya havnt fixed it yet)
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    also I tried the paper thing after the repair guy said he would order me a new one and it didnt work.

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