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    This forum is the best. With all the knowledgeable & talented members and the Homebrew section they are making the Pre to be an even better device....SO a VERY BIG THANK YOU TO ALL!!!!!

    P.S. I know we all have our complaints about some minor issues, but like most have stated in the past over and over... this is a new OS. With updates showing up as quick as they are and the Great and Talented Brewers we have, we should show more appreciation. It disturbing to watch these extremely bias segments where some misinformed individual (Jim Cramer) quoting sources which haven't been verified and how he is soooo Apple focused. I know everyone is entitled to their opinion but his segment is plain wrong on so many levels. This guy has the intelligence of a cow (which makes sense considering he is simply another one of the cattle which blindly jumps on a bandwagon w/o any true research or knowledge of what the facts are, and then goes on TV broadcasting his incompetence)

    Sorry if this is considered flaming but I though something should be said for those who are trying to decipher the valid post from Trolls...... Overall this phone is amazing. It has some drawbacks but IMO the Pro's out weigh the Con's

    Once again THANK YOU to ALL the BREWERS and to ALL OUR MEMBERS!
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    I Concur.
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    no prob -=)
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    You are absolutely correct. I have had my Pre since June 6th (was second in line) and it has worked outstanding ever since. You just never really hear from those that don't have problems. It has and will continue to be fun to check in here and see what complaints people have. It seems that everytime there is a new one I am wondering what they might have done wrong because mine never does what they say but has been working perfectly. I take care of mine like it is a baby though.

    Anyway, thanks for the positive post and keep them coming. This is a great device and I have been with Sprint and had Palm's for a very long time.
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    Amen. BTW, does anyone take Cramer seriously any more after the thrashing he got from Jon Stewart?! I used to watch him occasionally for entertainment, but can't even do that any more.

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