Trying to decide if I should make the leap from my Treo 755P to a Pre. I've been to the store, playing with the handset for hours, and really like the form factor. I've also read up a lot on its functionality, but am looking for advice from seasoned users, who really have put the phone through its paces, particularly Mac users.

I figure the best place to start is by defining how I currently use my phone with my Mac. If the Pre can service those needs, or offer better alternatives, then it should be a good fit. I've considered an iPhone, but would prefer to remain on the Sprint network. I figure I can switch to a Pre for significantly less monthly costs than were I to go AT&T, especially if I factor in Sprint retention incentives. Also, I am no fan of AT&T due to coverage issues in my area. The deal breaker though is functionality. I'd rather stick with antiquated technology that meets my needs than step backwards in usability. As a side note, I was a PC user that had a great setup with my Treo/Outlook and Chapura Keysuite. Moving to the Mac I lost a lot of functionality when it came to my smartphone, but have been very happy with my overall Mac experience. I appreciate your input and look forward to your responses.

Personal Computer: MacBook (Leopard)
Current Cell: Treo 755P (Sprint)
Cell Plan: 900 mins, Unlimited Data, Text, Roaming $56/month Avg.
Current Sync Solution: Missing Sync via USB
Calendar: iCal (with multiple calendars)
Contacts: Address Book (using groups and notes to organize)
Mail: on the Mac w/ Mail Act-On & Mail Tags
GTD App: Things (for Mac)
Notes and ToDo's: Built in Mac apps
Photos: iPhoto
Music: iTunes
Password Management: 1Password (Mac and Palm app)

Calendar and Contacts: My daily work flow requires that I have my MacBook Calendar appointments (w/ associated reminders) aligned with my handheld, both single and multi-day events, and all contacts in Address Book. I occasionally use iCal to invite Attendees to events, and would like this info to be accessible from the phone. I use all fields in Address Book: work, home and other for multiple e-mails, snail mail addresses, phone/fax numbers. I organize my contacts by groups, and also assign project data keywords to the contact's notes for searching in Address Book. Sync of B-Day and Anniversary data is handled on the Mac side by Dates 2 iCal2, which does a nice job of syncing my Address book's info with iCal and offering more alarm options than the standard Leopard built in features. This solution creates separate Birthday and Anniversary calendars that can have multiple default reminders.

Communications: I text frequently throughout the day, often sending a single text to groups of individuals. I currently have 5 POP accounts set up for access, but only one account is checked regularly at 15 min intervals. Mail is left on the server and Sent Mail is CC-ed to myself and then directed with a filter into the appropriate sent message folder in on my Mac (this keeps a complete database of both sent and received mail on my Mac.) My work day ranges from 13-18 hrs. I currently carry a backup battery for my Treo, but rarely need to use it. I use a wired headset while driving, finding it less of a hassle than wireless options.

Documents: I view PDF files often, and occasionally need to open a Word or Excel document. (Understand there is a viewer for this built in the Pre)

Research: I check directions and traffic info all the time on my Treo. I also do web research on the fly. (If anything the Pre seems uber Web ready!)

Based on all the above, from what I understand, I should be able to Sync data the old-school way with Missing Sync's new Pre software, or I can commit to syncing data through the cloud via Google, or maybe look into a hosted Exchange server. I've never really used Exchange, nor do I have much experience syncing my desktop apps to Google. I am concerned with loss of data when syncing my Mac apps with the cloud databases. How have others dealt with their Mac/Pre data sync needs?

As for my contacts, I do have a Facebook account, but I'm not sure I want to link that to my phone. It seems great, but could result in a lot of contacts I don't really need on my phone.