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    So I have another unique question. Is there any way to force the Pre to NOT use EV-DO? I will be in the Dominican Republic this week, and EV-DO data is $.016/Kb but 1xRTT roaming is only $.002/Kb. Honestly I really don't care how fast my phone is uploading pictures to Facebook when I am on vacation, so speed isn't as much of a factor as cost.
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    Type ##3836# (EVDO) on your phone dial pad and change the option to 1xRTT only.
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    With those rates, I recommend just linking up to wifi instead.
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    I would, but it appears wifi is hard to come by. I will always try that first though.
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    Is a list somewhere that contains all of these possible codes?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kasracer View Post
    Is a list somewhere that contains all of these possible codes?
    check out the stickies in the pre related forums like tips and tricks.

    I have printed out the pdfs and find that 95% of my questions can be answred from there lickety split.

    good luck.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kasracer View Post
    Is a list somewhere that contains all of these possible codes?
    Pre Specific Hash Codes - WebOS Internals

    Be careful with these!

    ##STICKYDIALER# (784259342537) This enables/disables the Sticky Dialer feature. The sticky dialer feature, when enabled, allows the phone app to run in the background. It is enabled by default. When it is disabled, the phone application closes when it is not the "focused" card. This means that if you open the phone app, then go to browse the net, the phone app closes.

    ##TTY# (889) Enables/disables TTY.

    ##GPS# (477) This will give you location, altitude, speed, and accuracy information gathered via GPS.

    ##RTN# (786)This the Phone Information page. It tells you how many minutes the unit has on it, how much data has transpired, the warranty date, ESN, phone number, software and hardware revisions, refurbished status, etc. Note: Please be careful with the options in the pull-down menu.

    ##DEBUG# (33284) CDMA phone info screen, which contains a bunch of technical data on your curent signal and tower connection. Signal strength is given as RSSI, which stands for Received Signal Strength Indicator. The closer to zero the RSSI value, the better the signal.

    ##EVDO# (3836)Launches EVDO Settings. It gives you the options to force your pre into the following options: 1xRTT only, EVDO Rev 0 only, Hybrid Rev 0, EVDO only, or Hybrid Rev A (meaning pick the best available). Hybrid Rev A is likely to get you the best speed, but if you don't have good reception in your area, you may want to choose something else to conserve battery life.

    ##DATA# (3282)This stores all of your Sprint Data login information, including default gateway, etc. I don't recommend changing these settings unless your data services are not working.

    ##VPON# (8766) Voice privacy enabled.

    ##VPOFF# (87633) Voice privacy disabled.

    ##(MSL)# (Whatever your phone's MSL is)This allows you to see/change your number. Do NOT change this to a number without notifying Sprint, or your phone will no longer work.

    __//Please exercise EXTREME caution when using the following codes...if you do something incorrectly, your phone will NO LONGER WORK, and you will have to contact Sprint technical support.://__

    ##AKEY# (2539)Allows you to re-enter the 26-digit AKey on CDMA devices. Note: An incorrect AKey will deactivate the phone and you will need to contact technical support for the AKey.

    ##PREV# (7738) Opens Mobile Protocol Revision menu.


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